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Orff Orchestrations for Elementary Music Students | Free Sheet Music

The Orff approach is all about getting students actively involved in the music-making process. If you aren’t familiar with it, follow this link to a summary of the Orff-Schulwerk Process.

If you are using Orff orchestrations, you know you can never have too much music or too many ideas. The free Orff orchestrations below are all instantly printable and both lyrics and an option to listen to the piece. Some include activity ideas, too.

Print Easy Orff Orchestration Sheet Music

Shake Those ‘Simmons Down | Orff Orchestration


Little Tommy Tiddlemouse  | Free Orff Orchestration


Tommy Snooks | Free Orff Orchestration


Easy Orff Orchestration Sheet Music

Engine Engine No. 9 | Free Orff Orchestration
I’m as Free a Little Bird | Free Orff Orchestration
Oh, Susanna | Free Orff Orchestration
Song of the Bluebird | Free Orff Orchestration
Tideo | Free Orff Orchestration
The Wee Little Scare | Free Orff Orchestration

Intermediate Orff Orchestration with Free Music Lesson Plan

Run from the Farmer | Free Orff Orchestration
Run from the Farmer | Free Lesson Plan


Free Intermediate Orff Orchestration with Activity Idea

Sourwood Mountain | Free Orff Orchestration


Intermediate Orff Orchestration Sheet Music

A Cat Came Fiddlin’ | Free Orff Orchestration
Jack Be Nimble | Free Orff Orchestration
Oh, Susanna | Free Orff Orchestration (Extended Version)
O, The Train’s Off the Track | Free Orff Orchestration
Sakura, Sakura | Free Orff Orchestration

Get students out of their seats and into the action with free Orff sheet music and classroom activities.


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Music Class Monthly Lesson Bundles

Start your new school year off with this popular and fun filled music class resource by Sing Play Creatively. It’s a great way to get lot’s of new and innovative lessons all in one bundle for your K-6 music classes.

Sing Play Creatively offers monthly music class bundles based on themes. You’ll find Fall, Halloween, Holiday, Winter, Spring themes that provide resources that will help students connect to the music learning goals. Each bundle includes original songs, games, printables and activities for K-6 students. The resources typically compliment the Kodaly and Orff based music curriculum classroom. You’ll be amazed at the amount of materials you get in these resources that you’ll be able to use for years to come. It’s a great way to build your music curriculum resources while continuing to teach the standards.

These monthly music class bundles will give you the tools you need to provide diverse learning opportunities for your students. You’ll find I Can statements, teaching ideas, printables and adorable graphics, along with original quality songs, sheet music, mp3’s and teaching pages as part of each month’s resources.

This month’s bundle includes songs, games, chants and lessons, along with wrist bands and printables. You’ll find lessons using Orff lessons for K-6 with 2 different chants and activities, Kodaly games, Kodaly teaching songs, Body Percussion Activities, brain breaks, line up chants and songs.

Back to School Music Class Monthly Bundle of Songs, Games,

You’ll be well prepared for any observations and walk-throughs using these resources and your students will love the original songs and games. Your principal will appreciate how you are playing games and singing right at the beginning of school. You can find this incredible resource here: BACK TO SCHOOL MUSIC CLASS MONTHLY BUNDLE 

You can check out all of the monthly bundles here: Music Class Monthly Bundles
You can also find free and useful teaching ideas at Sing Play Creatively Blog


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Carl Orff Quote | Orff Schulwerk

Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand.


About Carl Orff
Carl Heinrich Maria Orff (1895-1982) German composer. Carl Orff is best known for his scenic cantata Carmina Burana (1937). He also developed the influential Orff Schulwerk approach to music education.

About Orff Schulwerk
Orff Schulwerk is a combination of several developmental approaches in music education including the Kodaly Method, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and Suzuki Method. Carl Orff’s approach combines music, movement, speech, and drama, that turn instruction into a child’s world of play.


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