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Ultimate Music Education Worksheets and Games List

Whether you’re looking for fun classroom activities or resources for students to work on independently, this post has something for you. We’ve rounded up music education products from around the web to help you find the best options for your music students.

This roundup was created with the end of the school year and summer break in mind, but you’ll find many of these resources useful all year round.

Print Music Lesson Plans Worksheets and Games

Music Education Games
carnegie-hall-park-music-theory-game.jpgCarnegie Hall Park™ | Basic Skills Music Theory Board Game: Battle for a parking space while reviewing musical symbols and terms. Correct answers earn points, while wrong answers earn parking tickets. Blank question cards can be customized as well.

Pirate Quest™ | Basic Music Terms Game: Move through a pirate adventure by identifying musical terms while avoiding walking the plank

The Rhythm Store™ Game | Rhythm: Beats become currency as students make purchases and count out correct change. Knowing note values is a must in this retail-based game.

Classic memory matching games test kids’ note name knowledge while note-name-memory-game-tc.jpg challenging their memory:

Memory Game | Treble Clef Note Names
Memory Game | Bass Clef Note Names
Memory Game | Treble and Bass Clef Note Names
Memory Game | Viola Clef Note Names

Online/ Interactive Games

The Piano Player Online Music Reading/ Note-Playing Challenge: With multiple difficulty levels, students can practice correlating notes on the staff to notes on a keyboard. A note is displayed, and students must identify it on an on-screen keyboard.

Musical Families Online Game: This Little Einsteins game through Disney Junior challenges kids to find the missing instruments in time for a concert.

Music Match Online Instrument Matching Game: This is a screen-based memory game where students search for pairs of instruments.

Music Match Online Composer Matching Game: In this online match game, students search for pairs of composers.

Classics for Kids Games: Composition, Rhythm Matching, and Note Name Online Games: The composing game allows kids to drag notes onto a staff and hear their compositions. The rhythm game has kids tap a rhythm on the space bar and gives immediate feedback. Finally, the note name game has students spell out words by correctly identifying note names.

Shiver Me Timbres Interactive Screen-Based Instrument Family Game: Kids can play this visual, interactive game on PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF. When presented with an image, the player chooses a category and receives immediate feedback on their choice.

Music Flash Cards
Flash cards are a great way to practice and solidify musical knowledge that needs to be rock solid. Note names and musical terms should become second nature to music students, and flash cards can help. Whether used in traditional drills or as part of flashcard races like Around the World, flash cards can provide the repetition necessary to commit music basics to memory.


Treble Clef Flashcards
Bass Clef Flashcards
Viola Clef Flashcards
Flash Frog™ Flash Cards | Music Symbols and Terms
Musicard Triads Online Chord Flash Cards
Musicards Key Signatures Online Flash Cards

Note Name Practice Worksheets

color-that-note-treble-clef-g-position.jpgThese sheets adds some color to note identification practice. Students choose a color to associate with each of the five notes in the position and then use the same color each time the note appears.

Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/C Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/C Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/G Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/G Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/Middle C Position

I Thought That I Was Crazy Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef: Complete a poem using note names to fill in missing words.

lets-crossword-treble-clef (1).jpgCrossword Note Names Worksheets: Note names spell out the words in these crossword challenges.

Let’s Crossword! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Let’s Crossword! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

Code Breaker worksheets ask kids to decode messages by identifying note names. On code maker worksheets, students create their own codes by representing letters with their corresponding notes on the staff.codebreaker-treble-clef.jpg

CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef
CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

M&M Challenge Note Name Worksheet Treble and Bass Clef: M & M candy pieces are both part of the worksheet and the reward. Staff paper is the perfect size for chocolate candies to be place on the staff to represent a requested note. Then, if the note is in the correct place, the music note becomes a sweet treat.

Name That Tune worksheets practice both note naming and listening. After notes have been named, a keyboard or xylophone can be used to try to name the tune.

Name That Tune! | Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Name That Tune! | Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef
Name That Tune! | Note Name Worksheet Viola Clef

Interval  and Rhythm Practice Worksheets
Along with note names and musical terms, rhythms and intervals are two more skills that need to be rock solid.

intervals_two3rds.jpgThese free interval worksheets devote one worksheet to each interval type, introducing the interval and asking students to write in the second note to complete the interval.

Intervals! | Worksheet One (2nds)
Intervals! | Worksheet Two (3rds)
Intervals! | Worksheet Three (4ths)
Intervals! | Worksheet Four (5ths)
Ready, Set, Go! | Worksheet Five (Unison-Octave)

it-all-adds-up-worksheet-one.jpgIt All Adds Up! are free rhythm worksheets reminiscent of math speed drills. Presenting different note combinations as math equations prompts students to review note values again and again. The worksheets make a fun speed challenge for students who are getting to know the rhythmic values well.

It All Adds Up! | Worksheet One (Whole/Half/Quarter)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Two (Half/Quarter/Eighth)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Three (Whole/Dotted Half/Half)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Four (Dotted Qtr/Quarter/Eighth)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Five (Quarter/Eighth/Sixteenth)

Summer Worksheets
original-1203244-1 (1).jpgAt this time of year, teachers and students alike have summer on the mind. These worksheets can be used in anticipation of summer or provided for summer activities that students can do on their own.
Summer Music Worksheets MegaPack
Music Fun in the Summer Sun Music Activities Ideas for Summer
Summer Color by Note



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7 Music Flashcards Sets for Kids



7 Music Flash Cards Sets for Kids

Flash cards are one of the simplest, most versatile learning tools available. Students can use flash cards on their own, in pairs, or with parents. They can also be incorporated into small group games like memory or large group games like Around the World. And, with digital print flash cards, you can print and laminate one sturdy classroom set, or print a set for every student to practice at home.

In a music class or lesson setting, there are plenty of concepts that lend themselves well to flash cards. We want students to be able to recognize musical symbols, note names, intervals, and note values automatically, and flash card practice is a great way to get there.

Note Name Flash Cards. Whether they are studying piano, an instrument, or just learning to read music, note names are one of the first things students need to master. They can drill note names away from the keyboard with printable note name flashcards, available for treble, bass, and viola clef.You can always start with a limited range of notes and add flashcards as students’ knowledge expands.

Get Treble Clef Flashcards     Get Bass Clef Flash Cards      Get Viola Clef Flash Cards

Contents: Each set includes 17 cards with note images and an answer key
(4-page digital download)

Music Symbols and Terms Flash Cards. Beyond note names, there is much to learn in the language of music. This flash card set includes note names, note values, dynamic markings, rests, sharps, flats, and more. This set also includes an answer card for each flash card so that the cards can also be used for a memory or matching game.

Get Flash Frog™ Flash Cards | Music Symbols and Terms

35 Frog music symbol/ term cards
35 Lily pad answer cards
(12-page digital download)

Orchestra Instrument Flash Cards. Many music classes include a unit on orchestra instruments or musical instrument families. This flashcard bundle includes images of musical instruments from the woodwind, string, brass, and percussion families, and the sets can be used separately or combined.

Get Orchestra Instrument Flash Cards
Orchestra Instrument Flash Cards Bundle
44 flash cards (color and B&W)
Matching game for all 44 instruments
Percussion sorting game (sort based on how the sound is made)
Idea Sheets – some extra ideas for using flash cards!
(95-page digital download)

Intervals Flash Cards. Recognizing intervals quickly is a helpful skill for sight reading as well as accurate playing or singing. This cute and colorful flashcard set provides practice in naming both ascending and descending intervals. As with most sets, the card set can be limited or expanded to fit students’ learning pace.

Get Intervals Flash Cards
Intervals Flash Cards: Penguintervals!
Contents: 92 intervals notated on the staff (2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths, and octaves both ascending and descending) as well as 42 number intervals (the actual words “2nd”, “3rd”, etc.) are included, plus one blank staff set that students can use for interval notation. (24-page digital download)

Interactive Rhythm Flashcard Bundle. Our last flashcard set deviates from the traditional paper flashcard patter. These PowerPoint slides can be projected on a classroom interactive board or displayed on a computer for individuals/ smaller groups. These interactive flash cards help students practice reading various rhythms, as students clap, tap, or play the rhythms on screen.

Get Interactive Rhythm Flashcard Bundle
Interactive Rhythm Flash Cards (Bundle Set)
Contents: PowerPoint Presentation
(83-page digital download)

No matter what skill you music students need to review, there are probably music flash cards that can help! Equip them with the tools they need to master the material and lay a strong foundation of musical knowledge.


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Memory Game | Music Terms Lesson Plan

Here’s a game you can make yourself. Cut out a few cards, pick out a few music terms and you’re ready to play.

Objective: Learn Music Terms
Materials: Card Stock, Scissors, Pen
Players: 2-4

Start by cutting out a set of 20 blank cards with scissors or cutting board. Ten of the cards will be for the answers, and ten will be for the definitions. (You can add to the set once the first ten definitions are mastered.) Select the music terms and write the terms and definitions on the cards.

Game Play
Place all 20 cards face down on the table or floor. Each player selects two cards each turn. If they’re a match they keep them, and get a chance to select two more cards. Continue moving in a clockwise direction until all the cards have been matched. The player with the most matches wins the game.


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Treble Clef Music Flash Cards | Digital (PDF)

Flashcards are a great resource for the beginning music student, helping them to drill note names, rhythms, or music terms.

This flash card set includes 17 cards for treble clef notes from middle C (C4) through C6. The set is in PDF format and can be instantly printed after purchase.

Print Music Flash Cards

17 Treble Clef Cards for Middle C (C4) through C6 – $1.95 by MakingMusicFun.net


It’s always great to start with a few cards and then add more. Piano students will benefit most by drilling C4 (middle C) though G4, as those are the notes many method books begin with.


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