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Danny Boy | Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

If you ask someone to name an Irish song, “Danny Boy” is among the most likely replies. The hauntingly beautiful tune and bittersweet lyrics together make this piece moving and memorable. Although the melody and words work wonderfully in combination, they actually were not created together. Each, in fact, has its own separate origin.

Read on for the story behind this traditional Irish favorite. For a lovely intermediate piano arrangement of “Danny Boy,” click the link below. This sheet music can be purchased and downloaded instantly.You’ll love the arrangement with its prominent familiar melody, flowing accompaniment, and complementary harmony, but just to make sure, you can listen to the piece before you buy.

Print Easy Piano Sheet Music

Danny Boy (Londonderry Air) | Sheet Music for Easy Level 5 Piano (Digital Print)

The lyrics, when paired with a different tune, met with a much less enthusiastic reception. English songwriter Fred Weatherly released the original version of “Danny Boy” in 1910, with his words set to another tune, and the song essentially failed. A relative living in America later introduced Weatherly to a beautiful Irish tune she had heard, and Weatherly found it to be a nearly perfect match for his “Danny Boy” lyrics. He re-released the piece in 1913. The combination of melody, lyrics, and timing (on the eve of World War I) made this version of the song much more successful. It resonated in England, Ireland, and beyond and would go on to be performed throughout the world and recorded by countless artists. Even a century later, the song remains beloved and popular.

The background story of the tune is a bit more mysterious than that of the lyrics. It was first written down in the 1850s by Jane Ross, when a street performer’s rendition of the tune caught her attention. Her version was passed along and eventually published as “Londonderry Air,” named after the Irish county in which Ross heard it. The tune’s history is thought to stretch back even further than that, but exactly where it came from cannot be pinned down for certain.

A favorite origin tale involves legendary harpist Rory O’Cahan, although there is little hard evidence to tie him to the tune. The story goes that O’Cahan collapsed outdoors one night and was awakened by a beautiful melody. He turned to see fairies playing on his harp, and O’Cahan himself later captured the tune they had played. Though the story is fanciful, it can’t be denied that the song has certainly held a type of a magic throughout the centuries.

Wherever it came from, the has captivated its listeners. Paired with the “Danny Boy” lyrics, it has tapped into deep human emotions in a way only music can do.


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Alto Saxophone | Free Easy Sheet Music with Piano Accompaniment

When we hear “saxophone,” jazz is often the first musical style that comes to mind. But the saxophone is a versatile instrument, and sax students don’t need to miss out on playing some more traditional classic pieces.

The free easy saxophone sheet music and free intermediate saxophone music below offers a wide variety of saxophone solos with piano accompaniment. Try ragtime with “The Entertainer” for alto saxophone or go classical with “Fur Elise.” Bring out the saxophone’s softer side with “Brahms’ Lullaby,” or show the trumpets that saxophones can be regal too with “Rondeau” from Masterpiece Theater. Use the listening feature on each song’s page to preview the piece, then download and print to start playing whatever saxophone solo you choose. At this price, you can download just one, or build up your saxophone music library by downloading all of them.

Print Easy Sheet Music

Easy Alto Saxophone Sheet Music
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for Alto Saxophone Solo
The Entertainer by Scott Joplin for Alto Saxophone Solo
 Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven for Alto Saxophone Solo
In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg for Alto Saxophone Solo
Kerry Dance for Alto Saxophone Solo | Irish Folksong
The Minstrel Boy for Alto Saxophone Solo | Irish Patriotic
Rondeau (Masterpiece Theater) by Mouret for Alto Saxophone Solo
Scarborough Fair for Alto Saxophone Solo | English
Triumphal March (Aida) by Verdi for Alto Saxophone Solo
Brahms Lullaby by Johannes Brahms for Alto Saxophone Solo
Can-Can (The Galop) by Jacques Offenbach for Alto Saxophone Solo
Overture to William Tell by Gioachino Rossini for Alto Saxophone Solo
Turkish March by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for Alto Saxophone Solo

Jazz saxophone is fantastic, but saxophone players don’t need to be confined to a single genre. Give your students the opportunity to learn and perform some of these timeless non-jazz numbers. You’ll broaden their musical knowledge and help them appreciate the stylistic range of their instrument. All of these make excellent recital pieces, especially when the piano accompaniment is added.


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Top 10 Piano Pieces for Beginners | Piano Sheet Music

What’s popular isn’t always best– but it’s often popular for a good reason. If you’re making a purchase, checking out the best sellers just makes sense. People must love them for a reason!

Which beginner sheet music made the top ten list? Let’s count down the top-ranking favorites.

Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music

10. The Entertainer (Joplin) | Sheet Music for Easy Piano Solo This one is on the more challenging side for beginners, but young pianists love this arrangement of the ragtime classic.

9. Ode to Joy (Beethoven) | Sheet Music for Easy Piano (Digital Print) It’s no surprise that this simple arrangement of Beethoven’s famous melody made the list.

8. Frère Jacques | Traditional This approachable arrangement of the familiar French tune is a popular choice for beginners who are very early in their piano career.

7. Marriage of Figaro (Mozart) | Sheet Music for Piano (Digital Print) The title might be a bit of a surprise, but the composer certainly isn’t. And when you hear the satisfying pattern of the theme, you’ll see why this is a frequent choice for beginners.

6. This Little Light of Mine | Bible Song Add gospel to the array of styles featured in this list– beginner pianists love to “let it shine!”

5. Happy Birthday by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill As long as there are birthdays, Happy Birthday sheet music will be a staple in every music library, beginner and beyond.

4. Beethoven’s Fifth by Ludwig van Beethoven Back to Beethoven for number four, and for the most recognizable first four notes ever written.

3. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star | Nursery Rhyme Many piano-playing adults recall this song as one of their first, and the tradition appears to be continuing.


2. Minuet in G by Johann Sebastian Bach There’s lots to love about this Bach number. The rise and fall of the flowing melody, the smooth legato phrases, and the running eight notes are both pleasant to listen to and helpful to practice.

1. Amazing Grace | Traditional The top spot goes to this beloved hymn, arranged so that even the newest pianist can enjoy playing it. When it comes to beginner sheet music, you can’t beat a spiritual favorite. (This sheet music is also free to download!)

Everyone has their own top choices for their beginning piano students, but hopefully this list provided some new options. Based on hundreds of piano teachers and students, these ten pieces of beginner sheet music are tried and true.


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10 Easy Flute Solos | Free Sheet Music with Piano Accompaniment

Young instrumentalists can struggle to appreciate the full potential of their relatively new instrument. When they practice alone, the sound of a lone flute can be underwhelming. When flutists play in a full band or orchestra setting, they are usually one of a large section and may feel that they blend into the crowd. Easy flute solos give them the opportunity to stand on their own, and there’s something magical about adding a piano accompaniment. Suddenly, they are the main feature of a complete musical work, and they get a taste of just how rewarding playing the flute can be.

If you teach flute players, you’ll want to be well-stocked with easy flute sheet music. Having a good variety of flute solos means you’ll be able to find something to interest any of your students. You don’t have to break your budget or charge your students extra to build a library of easy flute solos with piano accompaniment, though. The ten flute easy solos below all come with piano accompaniment– and they’re all free.

Print Free Easy Flute Sheet Music

Carol of the Bells for Flute Solo by Leontovych
Catch the Villain for Flute Solo by Andrew Fling
The Entertainer for Flute Solo by Scott Joplin
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Flute Solo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Für Elise for Flute Solo by Ludwig van Beethoven
In the Hall of the Mountain King for Flute Solo by Edvard Grieg
Kerry Dance for Flute Solo | Irish Folksong
The Minstrel Boy for Flute Solo/Irish Patriotic Song
Scarborough Fair for Flute Solo/Traditional English
Triumphal March (Aida) for Flute Solo by Giuseppi Verdi

Some are fast and technical while others are slow and full of feeling, but all are accessible to young flute players. These pieces also make excellent recital choices, as many are familiar classics with great performance potential. Build skills, confidence, and enthusiasm by pairing your flute students with the perfect easy flute solo for them.


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Essential Bach | Easy Piano Sheet Music

When it comes to the Baroque era of music, one of the best was saved for last. Johann Sebastian Bach’s life fell as the era of harpsichords was coming to an end and the classical era was beginning. Because he composed so near this transition, his work was soon deemed “old fashioned” by many. However, a resurgence in his popularity in the 19th century cemented his reputation as one of the greatest composers of all time.

One of Bach’s most revered traits is the technical and structural excellence of his pieces. This does not mean, however, that his work is a collection of dispassionate exercises. His work is also known for its beauty. His many sacred works are thought to be the fruit of a sincere faith and not simply part of his job as a church organist.

Such a combination of artistry and technicality makes Bach’s work essential for the well-rounded piano student. The continuous flow of Baroque music challenges students to be consistent and steady, with careful attention to fingering and the interplay between the right and left hand. While there are a few piano sheet music arrangements available for beginners, the technical complexity of Bach’s work makes him a better fit for intermediate students and beyond.

Minuet in G for Easy/Level 1 Piano Solo
Musette in D for Easy/Level 1 Piano Solo
Aria from Suite in D for Easy/Level 3 Piano Solo
Toccata in D Minor forEasy/Level 3 Piano Solo
May the Sheep Freely Graze forEasy/Level 4 Piano Solo
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Minuet in D Minor for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Minuet in G (1) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Minuet in G (2) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Minuet in G Minor for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Musette in D for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Siciliano for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Toccata in D Minor for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo

If you plan to make Bach a regular in your rotation of piano lesson assignments, or if you have students with an affinity for his music, you can also get a whole collection of Bach’s greatest pieces arranged for intermediate piano.

Get Bach | Meet the Composer Series Piano Book, Vol. 4

24 Page Digital Download

Aria from Suite in D
Minuet in G
Toccata in D Minor (Easy)
Minuet in G Minor
Minuet in D Minor
Minuet in G
Musette in D
Sheep May Safely Graze
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
Toccata in D Minor (Original)

If you want to challenge your students technically while exposing them to a formative musical era and a timeless composer, the music of Bach is just what you need.

Meet the Composer
Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany in 1685. As a child, Bach’s father taught him to play violin and harpsichord. His uncles were all musicians, serving as church organists and court chamber musicians. One of his uncles, Johann Christoph Bach, introduced him to the art of organ playing. Read More


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Essential Tchaikovsky | Easy Piano Sheet Music

Much like a good book, a great piece of music can whisk its listeners off to faraway places. For piano students who love music with a dramatic story or the distinctive feel of a distant place, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky is the perfect composer to study. Since this Russian Romantic Era composer wrote a number of his most famous works for ballets, they are meant to set a scene and tell a story. From the mysterious magic of the Swan Lake theme to the sweeping romance of the Romeo and Juliet theme to the varied and beloved melodies of The Nutcracker, each one f his pieces promises an exciting journey.

Though many of Tchaikovsky’s most famous works were written for full orchestra, piano students can find high-quality piano arrangements at all levels of difficulty. Below is a list of Tchaikovsky piano sheet music available for immediate download. As you browse through the options, you can get a taste of the diverse moods and styles of Tchaikovsky’s works by listening to each one before you choose your favorite…or favorites.

Print Easy Piano Sheet Music

Swan Lake (Solo) for Easy/Level 1 Piano Solo by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Swan Lake (Duet) Easy/Level 1 Piano Duet by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Beriozka (The Birch Tree) for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo | 4th Symphony Theme
March Slav for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo
Trepak (Nutcracker) for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo
Arabian Dance (Nutcracker) for Easy/Level 3 Piano Solo
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker) for Easy/Level 3 Piano
Romeo and Juliet (Love Theme) for Easy/Level 3 Piano Solo
Chinese Dance (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Dance of the Reeds (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Swan Lake (Theme) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo by Tchaikovsky
Theme from 1812 Overture for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
March (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Waltz of the Flowers (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo

Or, for a collection of Tchaikovsky’s greatest works all in once place, consider the Meet the Composer Piano Book.

Tchaikovsky | Meet the Composer Series Piano Book, Vol. 3

23 Pages Digital Print Book
Trepak (Nutcracker)
March Slav
Arabian Dance (Nutcracker)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker)
Chinese Dance (Nutcracker)
March of the Nutcracker (Nutcracker)
Swan Lake (Swan Lake)
Dance of the Cygnets (Swan Lake)
1812 Overture
Romeo and Juliet Love Theme (Romeo and Juliet)

Every piece of Tchaikovsky piano music conjures different images and emotions, so piano students can enjoy playing all of his works without growing bored. They can look forward to new challenges and a new story with every Tchaikovsky piece.

Meet the Composer
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in 1840 in present-day Udmurtia, Russia. His father was a Ukrainian mining engineer. Peter began piano lessons at the age of five, and within three years he could read music as well as his teacher. Read More…


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Free “Secret Agent” Music Note Name Worksheets

There’s no such thing as too much practice when it comes to note names. Repeated review can get dull if it lacks variety, though. If you need a fresh way for students to review bass clef and treble clef note names, CodeBreaker and CodeMaker free music worksheets can help.

CodeBreaker worksheets use note names to spell out a secret message. Only students who know their note names will be able to crack the code.

Print Music Theory Worksheets – Note Names

CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

One page free PDF digital download printable (free)

Students who are pros at breaking the note-name code are ready for a new challenge: writing the coded messages themselves. With the CodeMaker worksheets, kids use their note name expertise to create a secret message using the letters A-G. They can then exchange and decode each other’s messages for more fun (and more practice). This activity can also be used more than once, as students can create countless coded messages.

Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

One page PDF digital download printable (free)

If you or your students need a break from drilling note names, try going undercover and breaking (or making) the note-name code. These worksheets offer a change of pace in your music class, piano lesson, or instrumental lesson, and they are ready to use immediately.  They also give students a feeling of expertise as their note-name knowledge allows them to solve and create the puzzles. Having fun while practicing note names? Mission accomplished.


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