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5 American Folk Songs | Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music

American folk music has a rich tradition and the songs are popular with young piano students. Many traditional American folk songs sometimes trace back to Great Britain, Europe, or Africa. American folk music is considered “roots music” because it has served as the basis of musical traditions that later developed in the United States, including rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Below you’ll find five popular American folk songs that are part of our rich American tradition. They are also winners with  young piano students.

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Skip to My Lou for Piano Solo | American Frontier Song


Boil Them Cabbage Down for Piano Solo | American Folk Song


Sippin’ Cider Through a Straw for Piano Solo | American Folk Song


Turkey in the Straw for Piano Solo | American Folk Song


Cotton-Eyed Joe for Piano Solo | American Folk Song



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Rock Songs for Kids | Easy Piano Sheet Music

Many piano students love playing great classical pieces, and some enjoy playing traditional favorites like folk songs or hymns. Then, there are some students who just want to rock. Playing classic rock songs can add a fun and energizing element to a your students’ piano repertoire. It can be difficult, however, to find pop and rock music that is not too advanced for young pianists. To make sure your students have a successful experience, check out the arrangements below. These arrangements are ideal for kids at levels 3-4, in the easy or early intermediate range.

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House of the Rising Sun for Piano Solo | Rock/ The Animals
Almost everyone is familiar with the Animals’ recording of this song, but they weren’t the first to record it. The tune and lyrics originated as a folk song, and multiple artists recorded versions as early as the 1930s and 1940s.

La Bamba for Piano Solo | Rock/ Ricky Valens
La Bamba also has its roots as a folk song, but this one hails from Mexico. Like The House of the Rising Sun, it too was recorded multiple times before the most well-known version was recorded by Ritchie Valens. His high-energy, rock styling of the tune made it popular and memorable.

Rockin’ Robin for Piano Solo | Rock/Michael Jackson and Bobby Day
The irresistible rhythm and catchy lyrics made this piece a hit twice– first when it was released by Bobby Day in 1958 and again when it was released by Michael Jackson in 1972. Much like La Bamba, this song was before your students’ time, so they may not be familiar with it, but chances are they’ll be glad you introduced them to it.

Love Me Tender for Piano Solo | Elvis Presley
This piece slows things down a bit, but a list of rock songs wouldn’t be completed without something by The King of rock. This is the simplest arrangement of those featured with a flowing bass line and clear melody. This piece also happens to be free, courtesy of the arranger and musician Gayla.

Yesterday for Piano Solo | The Beatles
Another slow classic, and another beautiful, flowing arrangement by Gayla. One of the most popular of the Beatles’ many hits, this piece by Paul McCartney is instantly recognizable. Lyrics aren’t included with this version, so make sure students listed to a recording or get a copy of them.

Piano Man for Piano Solo | Billy Joel
The narrative lyrics, singable melody, and distinctive piano part have all made this 70s hit timeless.

It will be tempting to sing along as your students enjoy these rock favorites for easy piano solo!


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Pomp and Circumstance | Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

At this time of year, there’s one song you’ll be hearing from kindergartens to high schools to college campuses: Sir Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. Preschoolers in paper hats and doctoral candidates alike will be entering their respective ceremonies to the march that has become ubiquitous at U.S. graduations.

Do you need simple Pomp and Circumstance sheet music to accompany a ceremony of your own? Do you have piano students who heard the regal march and now want to perform it themselves? This free Pomp and Circumstance sheet music for level 4 piano solo captures the dignity and formality of the familiar orchestral piece in an arrangement kids can proudly play.

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Get Pomp and Circumstance for Piano by Edward Elgar

2 Page Printable Digital Download

Pomp and Circumstance wasn’t intended to be a graduation march. In fact, in its native England, the piece wouldn’t be associated with graduation. It would much more likely be identified as the patriotic “Land of Hope and Glory,” and sung with lyrics that were set to it before it ever reached American shores.

When Sir Edward Elgar was awarded an honorary doctorate at Yale in the early 1900s, however, the piece took on a new life in a new land. In Elgar’s honor, his Pomp and Circumstance was played as part of the recessional music. Yale continued to use a portion of his piece as a march in their graduations, and other colleges and universities soon followed suit. Now, even those who may not be able to name the tune would instantly recognize it as “that graduation song.”


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Amazing Grace │ Easy-Intermediate Free Piano Sheet Music (3 Levels)

Amazing Grace │ Easy-Intermediate Free Piano Sheet Music (3 Levels)

Teaching kids the technical basics of music is important, of course. It’s also important– and quite a bit harder– to teach students about the emotional power of music.

Some songs can have effects that go beyond the notes on the page. They can evoke emotions and tap into larger traditions and memories. Amazing Grace is certainly one such song. This beloved hymn has been a source of comfort and an expression of faith for generations.

Due to its power and popularity, this song has been recorded and arranged countless times, with all kinds of different instrumentation, styles, and moods. There are numerous arrangements for solo piano alone, and fortunately, this means that students of any skill level can be a part of the tradition. Here are just three free piano arrangements for students of various levels.

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Beginner Piano Sheet Music
Even the youngest pianist can play the familiar melody of Amazing Grace. This very easy arrangement passes the melody between right and left hands and includes the lyrics of the first verse. Only in the last two measures are two notes played at a time. Otherwise, this simple arrangement consists of the melody only, one note at a time. Students can build confidence by playing a well-known and recognizable song.

Get Amazing Grace Level 1/ Easy Free Piano Sheet Music


Easy/ Intermediate Piano Sheet Music
As students advance in their skill level, the tune of Amazing Grace can be enhanced. This lovely level 3 arrangements adds arpeggios in the left hand, creating a flowing accompaniment to the melody.

Get Amazing Grace Level 3/ Early Intermediate Free Piano Sheet Music


Intermediate Piano Sheet Music
More advanced students will appreciate the full sound of this arrangement, which includes right-hand chord clusters with a moving left hand. The rich harmonies make this both a strong accompaniment for singing and a powerful stand alone piece.

Get Amazing Grace Intermediate Free Piano Sheet Music

No matter what level a students is playing at, there is a version of this spiritual favorite for them to play.

Although the melody itself if moving, much of the power of this song rests in its lyrics, famously written by a reformed British slave trader, John Newton:

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see.

‘Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come.
‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far
And grace will lead me home. Read More…


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Free Sheet Music | 15 Easy Piano Pieces Kids Love to Play

Each piano student has their own preferences and favorite songs. Most piano teachers know, though, that some pieces are almost guaranteed hits. Maybe they are recognizable pieces that students are excited about playing, songs with a unique challenge or feature, or pieces that just sound irresistibly great. These pieces come in handy when you a student seems frustrated or lacking in enthusiasm, or when you want to reward hard-working kids with a fun assignment.

You may already have a number of these go-to favorites, but here are a few more pieces of free, easy sheet music that piano students love. You can instantly enhance your piano sheet music collection by downloading this free music in pdf format and printing. If you want to check out how the arrangement sounds, each one has an audio version you can listen to first. Students may also find this feature helpful, especially if they are not familiar with the song.

Print Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Happy Birthday for Piano Solo by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill. Any young piano student will enjoy contributing to birthday celebrations by playing this song.

Farmer in the Dell Boogie for Piano Duet. This is a perfect first duet with a fun twist on a traditional tune. Kids always love the full sound that four hands instead of two creates.

Morning for Piano Solo by Edvard Grieg. From cartoons to commercials, this piece has become the quintessential waking up music. Kids enjoy playing a classical piece they’ve heard before, and the piece really does convey the freshness and hope of a new day.

Banana Boat Song for Piano Solo | Jamaican. Kids are drawn to music that conveys a distinctive sense of place, and this lively tropical favorite does just that.

Overture to William Tell for Piano Solo by Gioachino Antonio Rossini. This is one of those pieces that makes young students feel like serious pianists. It also has a contagious energy that even students who don’t recognize the piece appreciate.

Goodbye, Old Paint for Piano Solo | Cowboy Song. I am one of many adults who may recall playing this piece for their first piano recital. This is another piece that connects kids to a different time and place with its plodding drawl and cowboy lyrics.

Michael Finnegan for Piano Solo | Irish. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s a little silly– all reasons why this Irish tune continues to delight.

Spinning Song for Piano Solo by Albert Ellmenreich. A song about spinning doesn’t sound exciting, but its steady beat, running eighth notes, and dramatic rises and falls easily make this the most interesting song about obsolete household chores around.

Maple Leaf Rag for Piano Solo by Scott Joplin. An easy introduction to Ragtime music, this piece will open the doors to a unique style that kids love to pay. (For more Ragtime favorites, try this post.)

March of the Toreadors from Carmen for Piano Solo by Georges Bizet. This big, dramatic, operatic piece captures kids’ imaginations on its own, and having them listen to an orchestral arrangement makes the piece even more exciting.

America the Beautiful for Piano Solo by Samuel A. Ward. For American students, this patriotic classic is a must. Kids like playing songs they know and that they or others can sing along to, and if they don’t yet know these lyrics, this is the time for them to learn.

Erie Canal for Intermediate/Level 3 Piano Solo. Most kids don’t have much experience with mules or canals, but that doesn’t prevent this traditional song from being surprisingly appealing. As a bonus, it also serves as a history lesson while introducing us to a memorable mule named Sal.

Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho for Piano Solo | Spiritual. This piece captures the distinctive sound of the American Spiritual, with its unique, dark harmonies and narrative lyrics.

Twelve Days of Christmas for Piano Solo | Traditional. Kids relish the opportunity to celebrate holidays with their developing musical skills, so almost any Christmas song is bound to be popular. This Christmas countdown song is especially fun, and all of the repetition encourages lots of practice.

Water Music (Theme) for Piano Solo by George Frideric Handel. This is one of the older pieces on the list, but it’s another song that makes kids feel like a proper classical musician.

While there’s no guarantee every student will love a given piece, there are some special songs that tend to become favorites, and these are just a few.


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5 Free Sheet Music Websites for Kids

There’s a lot of free sheet music available online, but it can be hard to find exactly what you need. You may run into poor-quality music, sites that don’t respect copyright laws, sites with hidden charges, or sites that are just plain frustrating to navigate. That’s why having a few trustworthy sheet music websites is important. Music teachers need to be able to find what they need quickly and to trust the quality and integrity of the music they assign their students. Students need websites that are safe and easy to use, with clear indicators of what pieces are fitting for their skill level.

This collection of websites all feature a significant amount of free piano sheet music, and some offer free sheet music for other instruments as well. One or more of these sites could become your go-to printable sheet music website.

Free Sheet Music Websites

  1. MakingMusicFun.net. This site offers an extensive variety of free sheet music for piano and numerous other instruments, including guitar, clarinet, flute, violin, harp, cello, and more. The large library of free piano sheet music includes sheet music for beginners through intermediate players. Pieces are organized by level and then categorized into groupings called “Great Composers,” “Traditional,” “Bible Songs/ Hymns” and “Original Works” and “Christmas.” The site also has a handy feature that allows you to listen to the song, so you’ll know exactly what you are downloading. For excellent variety in music instruments, levels and styles, easy-to-use organization, and quality of product, this site is a must-visit.
  2. G Major Music Theory. Although music theory resources are the site’s main focus, it also features a substantial collection of free piano music and free guitar sheet music. Once again, the level of each piece is clearly indicated, and a wide selection of beginner, easy, and intermediate pieces are available. The site has the unique feature of sorting piano music by country, too, and new music is added regularly.
  3. Piano Song Download.  As you might expect, this site focuses on free piano music. In addition to piano solos ranging from beginner to intermediate, it also offers a variety of lead sheets and piano tutorials. The music teacher who organizes this site has chosen to offer all of their music for free, so there is no confusion over whether or not a piece will cost money.
  4. FreeSheetPianoMusic.com. This site heavily features the work of French musician Gayla, and its main offering is lovely easy/ intermediate arrangements of classic piano staples. Most pieces are by well-known composers, so this is one good place to look if you are interested in introducing young students to classical favorites. All music is featured on a single page, so it is quite easy to navigate.
  5. Music for Music Teachers. Music for beginning piano students is the main focus of this site, with an emphasis on the first few years of study. This would be a great place to start for those looking for free resources for beginning piano. Vocal music, violin music, and lead sheets are also available.


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Springtime Piano Solos | Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music

Spring technically arrives in March, but it usually isn’t until April that it starts to feel like the seasons have changed For those of us in northern climates especially, the arrival of spring is cause for celebration. Many composers have also found inspiration in the sights and sounds of springtime. This sheet music collection will help you and your piano students welcome spring in style. Click on any of the links below to read lyrics, listen to the arrangement, and to purchase or download free sheet music.

Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music

Little Green Frog (Galumph) for Level 1 Piano Solo. The sound of galumphing frogs is a sure sign of spring! Their calls combine with the chirps of insects to create a pleasant evening hum.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game for Level 1 Piano Solo. Springtime means baseball season is starting up again. Get in the spirit with this ballpark favorite.
Blue Bumblebee for Level 2 Piano Solo by Andrew Fling. A buzzing bee means blooming flowers. This play on “Flight of the Bumblebee” adds a fun and bluesy twist.
Song of the Bluebird for Level 2 Piano Solo by Harkins/Fling. Of course, you can’t talk about the sounds of spring without at least one mention of birds’ songs!
Spring (Four Seasons) for Level 2 Piano Solo by Vivaldi. No explanation needed!
A Tisket A Tasket for Level 2 Piano Solo. Easter baskets, May baskets, baskets of flowers…this song isn’t directly about spring, but there are plenty of connections!
It’s Raining, It’s Pouring for Level 2 Piano Solo. You can’t have spring without April showers.
Michael Row the Boat Ashore for Level 2 Piano Solo. This one might be a bit of a stretch, but no one’s rowing any boats ashore when the lakes and rivers are frozen! Getting back out on open water is an exciting part of spring and summer.
Six Little Ducks for Level 2 Piano Solo. In many areas, you are bound to see ducklings, goslings, or other baby birds emerging into the springtime sun.
Hallelujah Chorus for Level 3 Piano Solo by George Frideric Handel. If you’ve ever survived a Midwestern winter, you can confirm that this piece captures the feeling of knowing it’s over!
Country Gardens for Level 3 Piano Solo. Planting gardens and watching them begin to sprout has always been one of the great joys of spring. This English folk song dates back to the 1700s, so we know people have been appreciating gardens for centuries!
For the Beauty of the Earth for Level 3 Piano Solo by Pierpoint. Both the melody and lyrics of this song celebrate the sheer beauty of nature, which is especially visible in the spring.
Sheep May Safely Graze for Level 4 Piano Solo by J. S. Bach. This Bach classic evokes a peaceful pastoral scene, complete with contented sheep.

Some songs celebrate spring as a whole, while others focus on just one small creature or aspect of the season. In any case, introducing new easy piano sheet music that fits with the season is a fun way to keep students engaged and connect their music to the world around them.


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