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Thanksgiving Activities | Elementary Music Lesson Plans and Resources

With Halloween over, Thanksgiving is the next holiday on the horizon. You can get your music classroom in the holiday spirit without sacrificing learning.

Print Elementary Music Lesson Plans and Resources

Thanksgiving (Turkey) | Free Color-by-Note Rhythm Worksheet

This free printable worksheet reviews basic note and rest values. The key assigns a color to each note type, and students create a colorful holiday picture as they identify the correct note values.

Thanksgiving Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Digital Print)

Listening glyphs help your students express what they hear as they listen to a piece of music, and these glyphs let them do it with holiday spirit. One of the printable worksheets is specifically designed to be used for Vivaldi’s “Autumn,” providing a ready-to-use November activity. The download also includes a general use turkey glyph, where the listening prompts are provided, but the song choice is yours. Finally, you can create your own glyph, including prompts telling your students what they should listen for with a blank turkey glyph.

Run From The Farmer | Syncopation Lesson Plan

This free music lesson plan uses the Thanksgiving-themed song “Run from the Farmer” to introduce the concept of syncopation. It includes an Orff orchestration and instructions for an active lesson.

Run from the Farmer | Free Orff Orchestration Sheet Music

If all you want is the free Orff orchestration sheet music for “Run from the Farmer,” that’s available on its own. Get students clapping and playing along with this upbeat song.

Thanksgiving Music Activities: SIX Composition Activities

There aren’t very many Thanksgiving songs, are there? Your students can change that with these six Thanksgiving Music Composition Activities from Music Teacher Resources. Recommended for grades 4-8, these activities guide students to create original Thanksgiving songs. Multiple choice measures and limited note choices provide excellent scaffolding to help even first-time composers find success.

Songs and Activities for Thanksgiving (Bundle)

Finally, if you want lots of Thanksgiving options, check out this bundle from Aileen Miracle. Suitable for students from K-5, it includes a variety of Thanksgiving songs, a movement activity, composition lessons, and rhythm work.

Whether you want you students to work on rhythm, compose, sing, or listen thoughtfully to music, there’s a Thanksgiving music activity for you. Enjoy the holiday with your students!


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Color by Note | Note Name Worksheets for Beginners

Quick note identification is essential to success in many music classes and lessons. Reinforce note names and add color to your lessons with color by note worksheets. These activities are excellent for extra practice, students who finish early, or independent work while the teacher assesses or assists other students individually. Hanging the finished products on your walls will also brighten up your classroom.

Treble clef notes can be reviewed with a five-worksheet color by note bundle from MakingMusicFun.net. The packet provides five different printable worksheets with engaging images perfect for young students. Images of the notes make up the color by number key, and note names label each section of the picture.

Print Note Name Worksheets

Get Color-by-Note | Treble Clef Note Name Worksheet Pack

Clown Fish Worksheet
Let’s Have a Party (Cake w/Stars) Worksheet
Ice Cream Worksheet
Circus Clown Worksheet
Bumblebee w/Beehive Worksheet

Review bass clef note names with a free color by note worksheet from DKlapp Music on Teachers Pay Teachers. On this turtle worksheet, images of the notes on the staff mark the pictures sections, and note names are used in the key.

Get Color By Note – Bass Clef Worksheet


It’s not just young students who need to learn note names. Many teachers will find themselves teaching notes to older elementary and even middle school students, too. A color by note mandala bundle by Rebecca Raber on Teachers Pay Teachers is an excellent way for students of any age to review treble clef notes. Six different beautiful mandala designs encourage students of all ages to apply their note naming skills while creating a lovely final effect.

Get  Color by Note Mandalas: Treble Clef Notes Bundle


Finally, to practice bass clef notes with older students, try this twist on the color by note worksheet. The images aren’t initially visible in this four-worksheet bundle by Elizabeth MaCartny on Teachers Pay Teachers. However, as students correctly identify the notes and color in the note names, pictures of Nintendo characters will begin to emerge from the grid.

 Get Color By Note – Bass Clef Nintendo Characters Bundle


Reviewing note names doesn’t have to be all flash cards and quizzes. There are colorful ways to practice, too! Color by note worksheets are quick and easy for you to print, fun for students, and great to have on hand for any teacher who teaches note names.


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Peter and the Wolf | 8 Music Lesson Plans and Resources

Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf lends itself well to many different classroom objectives. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone lesson, listening activities, bundles, or even units, there are lots of great resources available. Some teach new concepts, some allow students to exercise their listening skills, while others are more geared towards creative interaction with a beloved piece of music. Check out the lessons and resources below and find just what you need to bring Peter and the Wolf to life in your classroom.

  1. Peter and the Wolf Music Lesson Pack. This bundle includes tools for exploring both the composer and his most well-known work.  A kid-friendly biography with review activities, listening glyphs, and a comic-strip listening lesson plan are just some of the resources in this collection.

Get Peter and the Wolf Music Lesson Pack


Hey Kids, Meet Sergei Prokofiev | Biography
Sergei Prokofiev | Composer Word Search
Meet the Composer Job Application
Peter and the Wolf | Listening Glyphs (3)
Peter and the Wolf | Comic Strip Worksheet and Lesson Plan
Peter and the Wolf | Draw!
Peter and the Wolf | Match!

2. Peter and the Wolf Listening Journal and Fact Sheet. This highly rated Teachers Pay Teachers offering leaves students with their own, self-made informational booklet at the end of their study, and the printables make preparation simple.

Get Peter and the Wolf Listening Journal and Fact Sheet


14 Color-able fact sheets
2 Listening log pages
Listening journal

3. Peter and the Wolf Worksheets and Writing Prompts. Approachable worksheets help young students review the story and instrumentation and then advance to higher level thinking, putting themselves in the shoes of composer and characters. Many music teachers are encouraged to incorporate writing, and this is a natural way to do it.

Get Peter and the Wolf Worksheets and Writing Prompts


4. Peter and the Wolf Listening Lesson. Leitmotifs are just one of the many musical techniques that Peter and the Wolf exemplifies. This lesson introduces that concept and guides students to find the story in the music.

Get Peter and the Wolf Music Listening Lesson


5. Songs, Visuals, and Activities for Peter and the Wolf. For an extensive study of Peter and the Wolf, try this 79-page unit plan from Teachers Pay Teachers. Beat and ostinato are two of the concepts covered, and the visuals are exceptionally attractive.

Get Songs, Visuals and Activities for Peter and the Wolf


“Follow Me” beat activity
Peter and the Wolf beat visuals for beat-tracking
Story visuals: Image and text cards
Rhythmic ostinato activity and flashcards
Prokofiev and the Peter and the Wolf Worksheet (reading with questions)
Listening Worksheet for Peter and the Wolf
Peter and the Wolf” slideshow
Bulletin board visuals for each character with their instrument
A picture of Prokofiev
Directions for the set, including picture book and unit suggestions

6. Peter and the Wolf FunLibs Story Synopsis and Worksheet. This worksheet is a fun way for students to learn, review, and have fun with the story in the music. It could easily accompany a larger lesson or unit, or it could facilitate a short introduction to the piece.

Get Peter and the Wolf FunLibs Story Synopsis and Worksheet


7. Peter and the Wolf Work Stations. Dive into Peter and the Wolf station-style with 5 hands-on activities perfect for station work. The variety will keep students engaged and the creativity will ensure students won’t soon forget Peter and the Wolf.

Get Peter and the Wolf Work Stations


Peter and the Wolf Color by Note
Peter and the Wolf Crowns
Peter and the Wolf Cut and Tell
Peter and the Wolf Dabber Activities
Peter and the Wolf Flap Book

8. Peter and the Wolf Storybook PowerPoint. A great accompaniment to any unit or listening session, this PowerPoint presentation puts a storybook on the screen. With colorful illustrations and text, this 33 page presentation brings story time to the music classroom.

Get Peter and the Wolf Storybook PowerPoint



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Music Memories | Year-End Reflection Worksheets for Music Students

Reflection is an important part of learning for both students and teachers. Students are often so busy looking ahead to the next class, project, or assignment that they don’t take time to look back at all they’ve accomplished. Guided reflection can help them see how far they have come and prompt them to review everything a music class has taught them.

When students reflect, teachers see what activities, concepts, and songs stuck with students most. It can also be encouraging to see the memories and lessons that students will carry with them when they walk out of your classroom.

Music Memories printables from Lindsay Jervis on Teachers Pay Teachers can help facilitate valuable end-of-the-year reflection in style.

Get Music Memories Printable Bundle

Music Memories {EDITABLE Ready Set Print!}

Her affordable bundle includes 21 different printable, editable worksheets with reflection prompts. Some are grade-level specific, some are not, and there are two text-free templates that you can completely customize. The attractive designs are perfect for students to color and decorate, and the finished worksheets make a wonderful display for the last few weeks of school.

Some sheets include several short writing prompts, others mix in drawing prompts, and some focus on a single larger writing or drawing prompt. Some of the fun and thought provoking questions include the following:

My favorite song we learned this year was…
If I were a music teacher for a day…
Next year in music, I hope we…
I learned the rhythm…
Some ways music will be part of my life…

Although these are designed for classroom music teachers, those who teach group instrumental or vocal music or even private lessons could easily customize them for their purposes, too. Whether you’re saying goodbye to your students for a summer or for longer, both you and your students can end on a positive note by celebrating the memories you’ve made.


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Free Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template

Do you want to streamline your lesson planning process while still ensuring your music lessons are thorough, focused, and meet national standards? A well-designed lesson plan template can help you do just that.

Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template

Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template from Teachers Pay Teachers

Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template

7 Page Microsoft Word Document (Download)

With clearly labeled sections, you won’t overlook any necessary lesson parts, and you can approach each lesson with a strong sense of purpose. Not only does this template help you organize your thoughts as you approach each lesson, but it also helps you effectively communicate your plans to administration, fellow teachers, or substitute teachers.

Because this template is provided in Microsoft Word, you can adapt and customize it to your liking and then type lesson plans directly into the template. Other elementary music teachers have given this template four stars and have appreciated the organization it lends to their planning process. Those with many different elementary grade levels and sections find it especially helpful. Make lesson planning more approachable and effective with this free lesson plan template.


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Recorder Sheet Music | Free Beginner Sheet Music

Recorders don’t get the respect that other instruments do. You don’t see them in symphony orchestras, you don’t find albums of recorder music, and you rarely see anyone over the age of ten playing one (unless they are a music teacher). But recorders play an important role in many kids’ music education. For most students, it’s the first time they’ve played any type of musical instrument. That’s a pretty exciting event! (If you don’t think so, then you’ve never tried to tell a classroom full of elementary students holding recorders not to play them.)

As you guide your students through this momentous musical experience, it’s important that you have well-designed beginner recorder sheet music to use. Students love to be able to play songs they know, so familiar tunes are a good place to start. You also need to make sure that notes are introduced gradually so that novice recorder players aren’t overwhelmed. Starting with three-note recorder music allows students to play a few recognizable songs while mastering their first few notes. Expanding to four and five note songs keeps them progressing at a comfortable pace while broadening the selection of songs they can play.

The recorder sheet music below is designed to create just such a progression. Well-known songs are arranged for beginners in three-note, four-note, and five-note recorder sheet music. All are instantly accessible digital downloads that you can add to your beginner recorder music collection immediately. And, best of all, you won’t pay a cent, because all of this beginning recorder sheet music is free.

Free Beginner Recorder Sheet Music

Introduction to the Recorder (3 Exercises)
Au Clair de la Lune for Recorder Solo (Three Note Song)
Hot Cross Buns for Recorder Solo (Three Note Song)
How I Love My Horsey for Recorder Solo (Four Note Song)
Jingle Bells for Recorder Solo (Five Note Song)
Ode to Joy for Recorder Solo (Five Note Song)
Old MacDonald for Recorder Solo (Five Note Song)
When the Saints Go Marching In for Recorder Solo (Five Note Song)

Many of the above pieces are accompanied by easy-to-follow recorder video tutorials. If you are teaching outside the classroom and aren’t a recorder expert, let MakingMusicFun’s recorder instructional videos help.

Recorders may not be glamorous, but they can teach important skills, get kids excited about music, and allow them to experience the magic of making their own music. Make sure you give them the best experience possible by providing a variety of recorder sheet music that empowers them to be successful in their first attempt at instrumental music.


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Elementary Music Lesson Assessments | K-5 Bundle

Accountability, consistency, data, evidence– these are some of the words that are shaping expectations for assessment in our music classrooms. More than ever before, schools and parents are seeking concrete evidence to demonstrate what students are, or aren’t, learning. This shift doesn’t need to make life more difficult for elementary music teachers, though. A strong, well-organized assessment system can bring numerous benefits.

If your music class assessments are not exactly systematic or unified, you aren’t alone. Assessments are often developed in isolation, for one class and for one unit at a time, especially if you are teaching music at multiple grade levels. Comparing students’ performance on various assessments throughout the school year can be like comparing apples to oranges, and some music assessments can be hard to grade objectively.

If you want to introduce more consistency and unity to your  assessment process, check out Emily Conroy’s Music Assessments Bundled for K-5th Grades. An especially great value for multi-grade teachers, this bundle provides 74 different assessments for the six grade levels included. Assessments address a number of commonly taught skills at each grade level. (Follow the link below to the product page to see a list of the different skills assessed at each grade level.)

Print Music Lesson Plan Assessments

Music Assessments Bundled for K-5th Grades

Elementary Music Assessments (K-5th Grades)
Digital Download

74 printer-friendly music assessments for kindergarten-5th grade music students (PDF )
One cumulative assessment for each grade level which may be used as a pre/post assessment.
Cover and Instruction Pages for each grade level

So what’s to gain from implementing a new assessment plan?

First, you may gain a clearer sense of your students’ and classes’ strong and weak areas. Having a better picture of what your students actually understand can only help you meet their needs. In addition, you’ll be able to communicate much more meaningfully about students’ progress and needs. Instead of trying to defend your opinion or impression of a student’s achievement, you’ll have something firm to point to.

Installing a consistent, unified assessment system can also help you track students’ performance throughout school years and even across grade levels. Finally, good assessments can help you plan well. It’s easier to decide how to spend each class period when you know where you want to end up.

Reviewers agree that Ms. Conroy’s organized, well-designed, and progressive assessments provide just the type of evidence they need to demonstrate student learning. If you are looking for a way to improve and structure assessments in your elementary music classroom, look no further.


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