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John Williams Composer of the Month Bulletin Board Pack

If you want to introduce a composer that will instantly engage your students, John Williams fits the bill. Best known for his iconic movie scores, Williams demonstrates that artful orchestral music is not a thing of the past. The John Williams Bulletin Board Poster Pack provides an informative visual focus for any study of the composer.

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John Williams Bulletin Board Poster Pack

1 11 x 14.5 John Williams Portrait Poster
5 8.5 x 11 Bulletin Board Posters
(Digital download/ PDF from Making Music Fun!)

This poster pack is a ready-to-use resource that will introduce students to key information about John Williams and reinforce the facts again and again. You are just a download and print away from a quick and easy visual display that will reinforce your focus on teaching John Williams. The intentionally simple design of the posters allows main points to stand out so that students will notice and remember them. A large and small portrait help students place a face with the name. Probably most importantly, students will likely recognize at least one of their favorite movies on the list of well-known film scores by this composer.

John Williams makes a great first composer of the month choice, since he is a living composer whose work students have likely been exposed to. The concepts and skills learned through a study of Williams can also provide a bridge to future composer studies, making them seem less distant. Or, if you’ve already started composers of the month, Williams can provide an exciting variation. A John Williams lesson or unit could also be a great introduction to an exciting study of music in film for students of any age.

Although the fun of movie music may provide the initial appeal, there are countless possibilities for serious musical study in John Williams’ works. For example, John Williams Film Score Listening Glyphs and Lesson Plan or can introduce or review several musical terms with young students. Students will be eager to learn what techniques Williams used to bring the magical atmosphere to the Harry Potter films, the heart-stopping fear to Jaws, or the triumphant adventure to the Indiana Jones movies. Discussions of dynamics, articulation, tempo, pitch, leitmotif, key, and so much more will naturally arise from guided listening to his pieces. (And, students are never disappointed when a lesson includes a film clip!)

The John Williams Bulletin Board Poster Pack brings a visual anchor to a study that demonstrates the power of music to take us to faraway places.


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