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5 American Folk Songs | Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music

American folk music has a rich tradition and the songs are popular with young piano students. Many traditional American folk songs sometimes trace back to Great Britain, Europe, or Africa. American folk music is considered “roots music” because it has served as the basis of musical traditions that later developed in the United States, including rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Below you’ll find five popular American folk songs that are part of our rich American tradition. They are also winners with  young piano students.

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Skip to My Lou for Piano Solo | American Frontier Song


Boil Them Cabbage Down for Piano Solo | American Folk Song


Sippin’ Cider Through a Straw for Piano Solo | American Folk Song


Turkey in the Straw for Piano Solo | American Folk Song


Cotton-Eyed Joe for Piano Solo | American Folk Song



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Star Wars Beginner Piano Sheet Music (Digital Print)

New installments to the Star Wars saga are drawing new generations of fans to the franchise, and it’s likely that Luke, Leia, Rey, and Kylo Ren will be some of the most recognized movie characters for years to come. Nearly as recognizable as the iconic characters is the masterful music by John Williams. His work on the original trilogy gave us some of the greatest film scores ever created, and he continues to enhance the newer films with original and familiar themes.

If you know a young Star Wars fan who is a new piano student, capture their attention and motivate them with easy Star Wars piano sheet music. Playing music from their favorite film will keep them practicing hard, and the many different music selections available will allow them to work on a variety of skills. Even kids who aren’t as familiar with the films can get caught up in the drama of Williams’ music. Arrangements of Star Wars music are available for a variety of skill levels, but the selections below from musicnotes.com focus on newer piano students. These beginner and easy pieces capture the melodies and rhythms that students love in arrangements that they can successfully play.

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Star Wars Main Theme: Almost anyone could hum the victorious main theme, and it must be included in any collection of Star Wars sheet music. This first arrangement is designed for a true beginner, with only a melody line with note names labeled.

Get Star Wars Main Theme for Beginner Piano

Star Wars.PNG

For students with a little more experience under their belts, the next arrangement, for easy piano,  moves the melody between right and left hand and fleshes it out with one and two-note left hand accompaniment.

Get Star Wars Main Theme for easy piano

Main Theme 2.PNG

The Imperial March/ Darth Vadar’s Theme: This menacing march captures the fear and dread associated with Darth Vadar. Students will almost be able to hear the villain’s heavy breath as they

Get The Imperial March for easy piano.

Imperial March.PNG

Cantina Band: This jazzy number is fun to play, and can help facilitate practice of accidentals. An easy one-note left hand allows students to focus on the unusual rhythms and sharps in the right.

Get Cantina Band for Easy Piano

Cantina Band.PNG

Leia’s Theme: The original trilogy was ahead of its time in introducing a strong female character like Leia, and Leia continued to display strength and leadership into the more recent films. Fans of any generation, then, should recognize her theme.

Get Princess Leia’s Theme for easy piano.

Leia's Theme.PNG

Yoda’s Theme: It might take a true fan to recognize Yoda’s theme, which isn’t quite as well-known as the music above. With a little less fanfare, this piece strikes a more magical tone, fitting for the wise and mysterious character it embodies.

Get Yoda’s Theme for Easy Piano

Yoda's Theme.PNG

The music of Star Wars covers a range of moods and emotion, and beginning piano students will enjoy exploring all of them.


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Beginner Piano Sheet Music | Piano Duets

We all know how important it is to keep new piano students engaged and motivated. So how do you keep lessons fun and rewarding for beginners? Experienced teachers know that moving forward at the right pace and introducing a variety of pieces are two important ways to keep beginners coming back for more. Adding some beginner duets to the mix is one easy way to add variety to a beginner’s experience. While the music may not be much more difficult than their other pieces, piano duets add the challenge of coordinating with another player. With four beginner hands playing instead of two, they also showcase a fuller piano sound than new players are used to producing on their own.

Below are three familiar tunes arranged as beginner piano duet sheet music. Each one has a different mood and tempo, so you can download all three to keep your beginning players challenged and interested. Each one is a printable digital download, so you can begin incorporating duets at your beginner’s next lesson.

Print Beginner Piano Sheet Music | Duets

Swan Lake Easy Piano Duet by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Farmer in the Dell Boogie Easy Free Piano Duet | Traditional

Frere Jacques Easy Free Piano Duet
Frère Jacques by Traditional

If you want to add a twist to your beginners’ lessons, adding an easy duet is one great option. Whether you play the other hand, schedule overlapping lesson times with another beginner, or enlist a parent or sibling to joint the fun, beginners will love the experience of sharing the piano bench and being part of a bigger piece of music.


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Christmas Piano Sheet Music for Beginners

The Christmas season marks an exciting opportunity for the beginning piano student. For the first time, performing Christmas music will become a part of their holiday season. Of course, beginners need music arranged at the right level to make their first Christmas piano experiences positive and rewarding. Though the music needs to be easy enough for the young student to master, it also needs to sound great so that new pianists recognize their favorite Christmas songs as they play.

Print Beginner Christmas Piano Sheet Music

The First Noël for Piano Solo | Traditional
Good King Wenceslas for Piano Solo | Traditional
Jingle Bells for Piano Solo by Pierpont
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas for Piano Solo | Traditional
Pat-a-Pan for Piano Solo by Monnoye
Up on the Housetop for Piano Solo by Hanby
We Three Kings for Piano Solo | Traditional

The above collection offers a variety of sacred, secular, traditional and more modern favorites, so there is sure to be a piece fitting for any student and any performance opportunity.

The holiday season does offer many opportunities for beginners to perform for others for what may be the first time. Family gatherings are a fun and non-threatening chance for kids to perform short pieces with a decidedly friendly audience. (What grandma wouldn’t love to hear her grandchild’s special rendition of “Jingle Bells?”) More formal opportunities, such as Christmas concerts, programs, and recitals abound as well.

The Christmas season may also be a great time for your student to use his or her new musical skills as a way to reach out to others. A local nursing home, for example, would likely welcome a performance of one or more of the pieces above. Residents would applaud even a beginners efforts, and the student would see firsthand the holiday cheer that they can spread through music.

If beginners are comfortable performing, there’s no reason to wait until they are more advanced. Christmas songs especially are enjoyable in even the simplest arrangements, and young students can only benefit from early positive performance experiences.

However, even a student who won’t have an opportunity to play for others will still enjoy Christmas sheet music for beginners. Being able to play songs that they have heard performed by others will give them a sense of accomplishment and mark the first of many Christmases where playing Christmas songs themselves is part of the season.


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