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Old Mr. Rabbit | Recorder Lesson and Game

Old Mr. Rabbit | Recorder Lesson and Game is a recorder lesson that focuses on quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note pairing and limited pitches. It’s a great piece for the young recorder player as its well written, including many repeated notes, rather than movement all around the recorder range.

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Old Mr. Rabbit | Recorder Lesson and Game


Kindergarten and 1st grade students will enjoy learning the song in rhythm form only and play the movement game that is included in this packet. 3rd-5th grade students will be able to play this song (pitches and rhythms) on the recorder.

The vocabulary the students will be introduced to includes steady beat, rhythm, time signature, bar lines, double bar line, measure, solfa pitches, absolute pitches, and music staff.

The packet includes a 38 slide collection in PowerPoint for the song “See the Rabbit Running”, along with 4 printable resources, and a pitch ladder activity. This piece is more geared for 3-5 graders.

This recorder unit is a fun and engaging song that includes lots of options and plenty of resources to make appropriate and educational for many grade levels!



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