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Thanksgiving Activities | Elementary Music Lesson Plans and Resources

With Halloween over, Thanksgiving is the next holiday on the horizon. You can get your music classroom in the holiday spirit without sacrificing learning.

Print Elementary Music Lesson Plans and Resources

Thanksgiving (Turkey) | Free Color-by-Note Rhythm Worksheet

This free printable worksheet reviews basic note and rest values. The key assigns a color to each note type, and students create a colorful holiday picture as they identify the correct note values.

Thanksgiving Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Digital Print)

Listening glyphs help your students express what they hear as they listen to a piece of music, and these glyphs let them do it with holiday spirit. One of the printable worksheets is specifically designed to be used for Vivaldi’s “Autumn,” providing a ready-to-use November activity. The download also includes a general use turkey glyph, where the listening prompts are provided, but the song choice is yours. Finally, you can create your own glyph, including prompts telling your students what they should listen for with a blank turkey glyph.

Run From The Farmer | Syncopation Lesson Plan

This free music lesson plan uses the Thanksgiving-themed song “Run from the Farmer” to introduce the concept of syncopation. It includes an Orff orchestration and instructions for an active lesson.

Run from the Farmer | Free Orff Orchestration Sheet Music

If all you want is the free Orff orchestration sheet music for “Run from the Farmer,” that’s available on its own. Get students clapping and playing along with this upbeat song.

Thanksgiving Music Activities: SIX Composition Activities

There aren’t very many Thanksgiving songs, are there? Your students can change that with these six Thanksgiving Music Composition Activities from Music Teacher Resources. Recommended for grades 4-8, these activities guide students to create original Thanksgiving songs. Multiple choice measures and limited note choices provide excellent scaffolding to help even first-time composers find success.

Songs and Activities for Thanksgiving (Bundle)

Finally, if you want lots of Thanksgiving options, check out this bundle from Aileen Miracle. Suitable for students from K-5, it includes a variety of Thanksgiving songs, a movement activity, composition lessons, and rhythm work.

Whether you want you students to work on rhythm, compose, sing, or listen thoughtfully to music, there’s a Thanksgiving music activity for you. Enjoy the holiday with your students!


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8 Free Music Lesson Plans for the Elementary Music Classroom

If you want to incorporate active, hands-on lessons into your music classroom, take a look at these 8 free lesson plans for elementary music. Each plan will have your students out of their seats and interacting meaningfully with music– no pencils or paper required.

Melody Map | An Introduction to Melodic Contour/Grade 2-4

This simple but effective high and low lesson plan can be completed with the song of your choice. Students first use hand movement to reflect the high and low notes they hear. Then, they progress to using yarn to map the highs and lows on the classroom floor. The movement and manipulation of the yarn will help solidify student’s understanding that the sounds of music can be represented visually.

Hungarian Dance No.5 | AABBCDAB Codetta/Grade 2-6

Musical form takes on a baseball theme in this active lesson plan. Each section of the piece becomes associated with its own baseball game-related action, leading to lots of movement and a memorable introduction (or review) to musical form.

Meter, Meter, 3-4-5 | Meter Activity/Grade 2-4

Round up some playground balls and rhythm sticks for this time signature/ meter lesson. This rhythmic lesson is perfect for either introducing or reinforcing the concept of meter and the “patterns” of common time signatures.

Entry Kentry | A Passing Game/Grade 2-6

Students can have fun while practicing steady beat with this hot-potato style game. Passing must happen on the beat, and eliminated students help keep the beat with rhythm instruments.

Mortimer | An Introduction to Solfege/Grade 2-3

Introduce solfege with this book-based lesson. The stairs in the story provide a perfect opportunity to learn and repeat the scale pattern, while glockenspiels and other non-pitched instruments make students participants in the musical story.

Music Symbol Swat | Music Symbol Swat Game/ Grade 3-5

With just a white board and fly swatters, you’ve got a great review game that can be applied to many musical concepts. Potential answers, such as musical symbols, are displayed visually, and when a definition or question is given, competitors race to swat the correct answer.

Viennese Musical Clock (Kodaly) | Rondo/Grade 2-3

This multi-faceted movement lesson takes a little prep and a bit of patience, but it results in an unforgettable illustrating rondo form. The lesson begins with a helpful hamburger illustration to introduce the form. Then, a complex movement activity lets students act out the form as a live Viennese clock.

Zin, Zin, Zin A Violin | Musical Instrument Identification Game/Grade 2-6

The book, Zin, Zin, Zin A Violin, is used with visual support to introduce 10 orchestral instruments. Then, a racing instrumental identification game is used to review them.


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Ultimate Music Education Worksheets and Games List

Whether you’re looking for fun classroom activities or resources for students to work on independently, this post has something for you. We’ve rounded up music education products from around the web to help you find the best options for your music students.

This roundup was created with the end of the school year and summer break in mind, but you’ll find many of these resources useful all year round.

Print Music Lesson Plans Worksheets and Games

Music Education Games
carnegie-hall-park-music-theory-game.jpgCarnegie Hall Park™ | Basic Skills Music Theory Board Game: Battle for a parking space while reviewing musical symbols and terms. Correct answers earn points, while wrong answers earn parking tickets. Blank question cards can be customized as well.

Pirate Quest™ | Basic Music Terms Game: Move through a pirate adventure by identifying musical terms while avoiding walking the plank

The Rhythm Store™ Game | Rhythm: Beats become currency as students make purchases and count out correct change. Knowing note values is a must in this retail-based game.

Classic memory matching games test kids’ note name knowledge while note-name-memory-game-tc.jpg challenging their memory:

Memory Game | Treble Clef Note Names
Memory Game | Bass Clef Note Names
Memory Game | Treble and Bass Clef Note Names
Memory Game | Viola Clef Note Names

Online/ Interactive Games

The Piano Player Online Music Reading/ Note-Playing Challenge: With multiple difficulty levels, students can practice correlating notes on the staff to notes on a keyboard. A note is displayed, and students must identify it on an on-screen keyboard.

Musical Families Online Game: This Little Einsteins game through Disney Junior challenges kids to find the missing instruments in time for a concert.

Music Match Online Instrument Matching Game: This is a screen-based memory game where students search for pairs of instruments.

Music Match Online Composer Matching Game: In this online match game, students search for pairs of composers.

Classics for Kids Games: Composition, Rhythm Matching, and Note Name Online Games: The composing game allows kids to drag notes onto a staff and hear their compositions. The rhythm game has kids tap a rhythm on the space bar and gives immediate feedback. Finally, the note name game has students spell out words by correctly identifying note names.

Shiver Me Timbres Interactive Screen-Based Instrument Family Game: Kids can play this visual, interactive game on PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF. When presented with an image, the player chooses a category and receives immediate feedback on their choice.

Music Flash Cards
Flash cards are a great way to practice and solidify musical knowledge that needs to be rock solid. Note names and musical terms should become second nature to music students, and flash cards can help. Whether used in traditional drills or as part of flashcard races like Around the World, flash cards can provide the repetition necessary to commit music basics to memory.


Treble Clef Flashcards
Bass Clef Flashcards
Viola Clef Flashcards
Flash Frog™ Flash Cards | Music Symbols and Terms
Musicard Triads Online Chord Flash Cards
Musicards Key Signatures Online Flash Cards

Note Name Practice Worksheets

color-that-note-treble-clef-g-position.jpgThese sheets adds some color to note identification practice. Students choose a color to associate with each of the five notes in the position and then use the same color each time the note appears.

Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/C Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/C Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/G Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/G Position
Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/Middle C Position

I Thought That I Was Crazy Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef: Complete a poem using note names to fill in missing words.

lets-crossword-treble-clef (1).jpgCrossword Note Names Worksheets: Note names spell out the words in these crossword challenges.

Let’s Crossword! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Let’s Crossword! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

Code Breaker worksheets ask kids to decode messages by identifying note names. On code maker worksheets, students create their own codes by representing letters with their corresponding notes on the staff.codebreaker-treble-clef.jpg

CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef
CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

M&M Challenge Note Name Worksheet Treble and Bass Clef: M & M candy pieces are both part of the worksheet and the reward. Staff paper is the perfect size for chocolate candies to be place on the staff to represent a requested note. Then, if the note is in the correct place, the music note becomes a sweet treat.

Name That Tune worksheets practice both note naming and listening. After notes have been named, a keyboard or xylophone can be used to try to name the tune.

Name That Tune! | Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Name That Tune! | Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef
Name That Tune! | Note Name Worksheet Viola Clef

Interval  and Rhythm Practice Worksheets
Along with note names and musical terms, rhythms and intervals are two more skills that need to be rock solid.

intervals_two3rds.jpgThese free interval worksheets devote one worksheet to each interval type, introducing the interval and asking students to write in the second note to complete the interval.

Intervals! | Worksheet One (2nds)
Intervals! | Worksheet Two (3rds)
Intervals! | Worksheet Three (4ths)
Intervals! | Worksheet Four (5ths)
Ready, Set, Go! | Worksheet Five (Unison-Octave)

it-all-adds-up-worksheet-one.jpgIt All Adds Up! are free rhythm worksheets reminiscent of math speed drills. Presenting different note combinations as math equations prompts students to review note values again and again. The worksheets make a fun speed challenge for students who are getting to know the rhythmic values well.

It All Adds Up! | Worksheet One (Whole/Half/Quarter)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Two (Half/Quarter/Eighth)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Three (Whole/Dotted Half/Half)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Four (Dotted Qtr/Quarter/Eighth)
It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Five (Quarter/Eighth/Sixteenth)

Summer Worksheets
original-1203244-1 (1).jpgAt this time of year, teachers and students alike have summer on the mind. These worksheets can be used in anticipation of summer or provided for summer activities that students can do on their own.
Summer Music Worksheets MegaPack
Music Fun in the Summer Sun Music Activities Ideas for Summer
Summer Color by Note



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Creative Movement Activities for Spring | Music Lesson Plan

Want a creative way to practice rhythms and incorporate movement activities into your classroom? These activities are full of drama, movement and rhythm activities for your PreK through 2nd grade students.

Get Sing Play Creatively Resource: Activity Song: “Funny Little Bunny”  and “Shake Your Egg”

FUNNY BUNNYStudents will love hopping, running, munching and hiding with the “Funny Little Bunny” and writing their own verses. Music Rhythm lesson included. Best for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
Spring Program/Concert
Brain Break
Creative Movement Activity
Not only will the “Funny Little Bunny”  get your kids hopping, and learning about gardens, but they’ll be dancing and dramatizing to the four verses and more when you help them create their own lyrics to this bluesy tune.
“Bunny is so funny and he likes it when it’s sunny.”
Directions for all FOUR activities
Lyrics to the song
Vocal and Accompaniment MP3 tracks
PDF for printing or projecting
Sheet music
Use the different activities over 3-4 class periods along with some of your other favorite spring lessons.
“HOP” to it…this is a sure fire winner for all kids Pre-K to 2nd grade.


“SHAKE YOUR EGG” will give students opportunities to reinforce Colors and playing instrument fun. It comes with Sheet music, Mp3 Tracks of vocal and accompaniment tracks and now a Video for easy classroom use. Notation writing activities include: notes on the lines, spaces and staff, create a musical Easter Egg Character.

One thing I like to do is to have the students grouped by “egg” color and when it’s their turn, they stand up. This helps them remember their colors and gives them visual and active opportunities for learning.  If you have a smaller group, you can give each student one of the colors too! That way they can play for the whole song. You’ll be able to assess if they know their colors after singing this song.

Spring is a great time to get students moving. Incorporating learning opportunities with movement is an effective way and fun way to keep students engaged and learning throughout the school year.


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4 Music Theory Games for Kids (Digital Print)

Whether you teach music in a classroom, in private lessons, or in a homeschool setting, your students need a solid understanding of music theory terminology, symbols, and note names. Make practicing and reviewing fun with printable music theory games. These games can be used as part of a reward/ fun day, unit review, take-home practice, or any other time you want to engage students in practicing basic music theory terms. And, with unlimited prints for your own use, you can print enough sets for a whole classroom if needed. Some of the games can even be customized by adding your own terms or questions to be reviewed.

Print Music Theory Games

1. Carnegie Hall Park. Players collect points by identifying musical terms such as dynamic markings, time signatures, note names, rests and tempo terms while avoiding parking tickets. You provide the toy cars, and this printable game set provides everything else you need for a fun review of music theory basics.

Get Carnegie Hall Park™ | Basic Skills Music Theory Board Game

Printable Game Board (Two Pages)
Instruction Sheet
24 Playing Cards
3 Parking Tickets
9 Score Cards
9 Blank Cards (For You to Add Terms and Symbols)

2. Pirate Quest. Players work their way along an adventurous path by correctly answering basic music theory questions. Review music symbols, tempo markings, note values, time signatures, and whatever other questions you’d like to add. Walk the plank cards for incorrect answers raise the stakes.

Get Pirate Quest™ | Basic Music Terms Game

30 Basic Music Term Cards
9 “Walk the Plank” Cards
Game Board
Musical Term Answer Sheet

3. The Rhythm Store. Solidify your students’ understanding of note values with this interactive game. Beats become currency in The Rhythm Store, and students must combine note values and make change to come up with correct change to make a purchase. Student shoppers will have fun while thinking about note values from a fresh perspective.

Get The Rhythm Store™ Game | Rhythm

17 Rhythm Cards
9 Price Tag Cards
Game Instructions

4. Memory. This classic memory matching game is easy to make, easy to set up, and easy to explain, but still provides valuable note name practice and friendly competition for your students. Choose from treble clef, bass clef, treble and bass clef combined, or viola clef.

Get Memory Game | Treble Clef Note Names
Get Memory Game | Bass Clef Note Names
Get Memory Game | Treble and Bass Clef Note Names
Get Memory Game | Viola Clef Note Names

Answer Key

Students don’t usually request extra music theory practice, but if it means playing any of these games, that just may change.

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Musical Instrument Review Game Show | Music Lesson Plan

A great quiz game is the perfect way to wrap up a unit, prepare for an assessment, review a concept, or just have some educational fun. Creating a well-designed review game show with high-quality design and content, however, is a time-consuming prospect, and takes a fair amount of technical know-how. Luckily, many talented and tech-savvy teachers have chosen to make their creations available to the rest of us.

For example, almost any music teacher could use the Jeopardy-style musical instruments review game created by Tiny Toes and available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Users rave about the excellent design and useful content of this and her many other review game show products.

Print Music Lesson Plan

Musical Instrument Review Game Show

* Musical Instruments GAME SHOW - interactive ppt
Digital Download PowerPoint/ Interactive White Board

The clear instructions ensure that you don’t have to be a technical genius to play the game through PowerPoint or your interactive white board. Creative composer contestants add fun to the game, and score keeping is managed through the interactive game interface. Straightforward questions ask teams to identify images of musical instruments, and correct answers are immediately confirmed and points awarded.

This game is perfect for any instrumental instrument or musical instrument family unit, and it also makes a great activity for a substitute teacher. Hundreds of teachers agree that this a four-start product, and reviews report that students love it, too.


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10 Music Theory Worksheets and Games for Kids

Those of us charged with teaching music theory basics have a big job. The concepts we teach are the starting points for our kids’ musical education. Whether they go on to sing, take piano lessons, play a musical instrument, or compose, they won’t go far without a solid grasp of music theory. Building a strong  music theory foundation requires a mixture of facts and fun. Solid teaching and frequent review are essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Below you will find ten resources for teaching and practicing music theory basis. They include both worksheets and games to make the content both clear and enjoyable for kids.

Print Music Theory Worksheets and Games

Color That Note | Note Name Worksheets
Bring some color into note identification! Students create a color key at the top and identify like notes with like colors. This activity works well early in the note name learning process.

Get Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/C Position
Get Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/C Position
Get Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/G Position
Get Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/G Position

Note Name Flash Cards
Perfect for individual practice, partner work, or classroom flashcard races such as “Around the World,” these clear, simple flashcards will be used again and again. These flashcards are also a part of the Ultimate Music Theory Pack for Kids below, so if you are interested in these, check out the whole bundle.

Get Treble Clef Flashcards
Get Bass Clef Flashcards

Music Bingo Bundle | Note Names, Rhythms, Symbols, Terms, and More
The classic BINGO game gets a musical twist in this bundle by Brian Ninjas. Ten different games, each focusing on a different music theory concept, are ready to print and play. Those who teach a wide range of grade levels will be glad to learn that the set includes games appropriate for grades 1-9.

Music Bundle Bingo Games

Codemaker Note Name Worksheets
Students who know their note names will be able to crack the musical code and decipher the secret messages.

Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

Note Value/ Rhythm Worksheets
Students learn and practice the relationships among note values as they add up note values like they would in math class. Different worksheet options are available depending on which rhythms students are familiar with.

Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet One (Whole/Half/Quarter)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Two (Half/Quarter/Eighth)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Three (Whole/Dotted Half/Half)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Four (Dotted Qtr/Quarter/Eighth)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Five (Quarter/Eighth/Sixteenth)

Popsicle Stick Rhythm Games
This four-star product from Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room features ten different rhythm games that are great for centers, small groups, and more. Many games also include worksheets related to the concept the game reviews.

Get Popsicle Stick Rhythm Games

Popsicle Stick Rhythm Games

The Rhythm Store Game
Music notes become currency as students count the cost of various items in note values, make change, and solidify their understanding of note values.

Get The Rhythm Store™ Game | Rhythm

Interval Worksheets
With one sheet addressing each interval, students can practice seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths individually. Then, they can put their knowledge to the test with the Ready, Set, Go timed interval identification challenge.

Get Intervals! | Worksheet One (2nds)
Get Intervals! | Worksheet Two (3rds)
Get Intervals! | Worksheet Three (4ths)
Get Intervals! | Worksheet Four (5ths)
Get Ready, Set, Go! | Worksheet Five

Music Theory Unit: Note Values and Rhythms
This unit bundle from Sing Play Creatively focuses on note values with “I can” statements and provides rhythm practice suitable for grades 2-5. With 214 pages of activities, teacher instructions, printables, you are sure to find plenty of useful materials!

Get Music Theory Note Value and Rhythm Bundle

Music Theory Note Values with I Can's, Rhythm Practice Lev

Theory Flashcard & Game Bundle
With multiple flashcard sets and four different music theory games, this bundle will keep your students engaged while practicing various music theory basics

Get Ultimate Music Theory Pack for Kids | Flash Cards and Games


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