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Take Me Out to the Ball Game | Beginner Guitar Sheet Music with TAB’s

Looking for a great piece for your beginning guitar player to enjoy practicing? Take Me Out to the Ball Game has been a favorite with kids for more than 100 years!

About ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’

Take Me Out to the Ball Game is a 1908 Tin Pan Alley song by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer which has become the unofficial anthem of North American baseball, although neither of its authors had attended a game prior to writing the song.[1] The song’s chorus is traditionally sung during the middle of the seventh inning of a baseball game. Fans are generally encouraged to sing along, and at some ballparks, the words “home team” are replaced with the team name. Read more on Wikipedia.

Print Beginner Guitar Sheet Music

Take Me Out to the Ball Game | Beginner Guitar Sheet Music (TAB)



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Animal Songs for Guitar/Ukelele | Free Sheet Music

There’s a a fascination that kids have with animals that’s undeniable. This collection of songs about animals is therefore a sure-fire hit with them as well. Several on the list are even classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Each song is available to print in PDF format and includes lyrics and guitar chords. There’s a listen button of the website if you’d like to listen to how it goes before you start practicing.

Print Free Sheet Music

Animal Songs for Guitar and Ukelele

The Ants Go Marching | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
Baby Bumblebee | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
The Bear Went Over the Mountain | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
Bingo for Beginner Guitar Solo (TAB)
Hey Diddle Diddle | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
Hickory Dickory Dock | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
Itsy Bitsy Spider | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
Little Bunny Foo Foo | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet
Mary Had a Little Lamb for Beginner Guitar Solo (TAB)
One Elephant | Piano/Guitar/Vocal Guitar Lead Sheet


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Guitar Sheet Music with TAB | Beginner and Easy

Looking for beginner, easy or intermediate sheet music for guitar solo? Here’s a great list to start with. Many of the pieces on this list link to PDF’s of guitar sheet music with tabs. You’ll have a chance to read TAB notation or dive into reading traditional notion if you like. Some of the sites also include an mp3 so you can listen to the arrangement before you print it. The mp3 will also be helpful as you learn the piece.

Print and Download Guitar Sheet Music

Beginner Guitar Sheet Music (Free and Paid)

Bingo for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Do Your Ears Hang Low? for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Frère Jacques (French) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Happy Birthday for Guitar Solo
Hickory Dickory Dock for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Humpty Dumpty for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Hot Cross Buns for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Jingle Bells for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho for Guitar Solo
London Bridge is Falling Down for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Mary Had a Little Lamb for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Ode to Joy by (Beethoven) for Guitar Solo
Old MacDonald Had A Farm for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Row, Row Your Boat for Guitar Solo
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Yankee Doodle for Guitar Solo (Tab)
The Wheels on the Bus for Guitar Solo

Easy Guitar Sheet Music (Free and Paid)

Amazing Grace for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Au Clair De La Lune for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Auld Lang Syne for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Banana Man for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Beethoven’s Fifth (Beethoven) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Canon in D (Pachelbel) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Clair de Lune (Debussy) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Do Your Ears Hang Low? for Guitar Solo
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Für Elise (Beethoven) for Guitar Solo
Greensleeves for Guitar Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie (Pierpont/Fling) for Guitar Solo
Joy to the World (Handel) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
La Bamba (Richie Valens) for Guitar Solo
Love Me Tender for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
On Top of Old Smoky for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Oh Susannah for Guitar Solo  (Tab)
Prelude In D Major (Carcassi) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Rockin’ Robin (Leon René) for Guitar Solo
Scarborough Fair for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Skip To My Lou for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Spring (Four Seasons) (Vivaldi) for Guitar Solo
Streets Of Laredo for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky) for Guitar Solo
Trumpet Voluntary for Guitar Solo (Tab)
Water Music (Handel) for Guitar Solo (Tab)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas for Guitar Solo (Tab)

Intermediate Guitar Sheet Music (Free and Paid)

Angels We Have Heard on High for Jazz Guitar Solo
Canon in D (Pachelbel) for Guitar Solo
Carol of the Bells (Leontovych) for Guitar Solo
Country Dance (Carulli)
The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) for Guitar Solo
Minuet in G (Bach) for Guitar Solo
Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) for Guitar Solo

Tips on Learning to Read Music

1)  Learn the Note Names
If you have a good ear you might be able to figure out how to play songs, but if you’re interested in really growing as a guitar player it’s going to take some time sitting down with flash cards or labeling the notes of your music to be a good reader. Basically, find ways to drill your note names until they are very familiar to you.

2) Avoid Looking at the Fretboard
You may be used to looking at the fretboard as you play music. If you are it’s time to break that habit and form another one that will help you be a great sight reader. Work very hard to keep your eyes on the sheet music. You probably already know what you need to do with your left hand. It’s just a matter of moving your eyes to the sheet music and stay committed to developing this good habit. In a few weeks it will be second nature and you’ll be on your way to being a far better guitarist.

3) Practice Sightreading
Buy an easy book of guitar music or find easy pieces online like the ones above that provide a chance to sight read new music. Read one of these new pieces every day. Read it top to bottom two or three times and then move on to the next piece tomorrow. The more music you can put in front of yourself the better sight reader you will be. It will also be far less difficult to learn new pieces at your level.


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10 Classic Rock Hits for Easy Piano | Piano Sheet Music

Interested in playing some classic rock songs on piano but many of the piano arrangements are just too hard. Here’s a list of the arrangement that you can print and start enjoys in a few minutes from now. Each site offers a way to listen to the music first to see if you like it and then again to help you practice. Let’s Rock!

Print Easy Piano Sheet Music

1) Rockin’ Robin| Easy Piano Sheet Music

Performed by Bobby Day and Michael Jackson. Day’s recoding became a number-two hit and Michael Jackson’s single hit #1 on the Cash Box singles chart.

2) La Bamba for Easy Piano Solo by Ricky Valens

La Bamba is a Mexican folk song made into a top 40 hit by Ricky Valens in 1958.

3) House of the Rising Sun for Easy Piano Solo by The Animals

The House of the Rising Sun is a folk song that found commercial success commercial when it was recorded by British rock group, The Animals, in 1964.

4) Bohemian Rhapsody for Easy Piano Solo by Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody was written by Freddie Mercury for Queen’s 1975 album A Night at the Opera.

5) Yellow Submarine for Easy Piano by the Beatles

Yellow Submarine was written in 1966 by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Ringo Starr sang lead vocals. Yellow Submarine hit number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was the most successful song that featured Ringo Starr as lead vocalist.

6) Don’t Stop Believin’ for Easy Piano by Journey

Don’t Stop Believin’ became a #9 hit for Journey on the Billboard Hot 100 when it was originally released.

7) Let It Be for Easy Piano by the Beatles

Let It Be, from the album of the same name, was the 12th and last studio album by the Beatles. It was released on May 8th, 1970.

8) Eleanor Rigby for Easy Piano by the Beatles

Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles and released on the 1966 album Revolver was primarily written by Paul but credited to Lennon–McCartney.

9) American Pie for Easy Piano by Don McLean

Recorded on the American Pie album in 1971, the single of American Pie was a number-one US for four weeks.

10) Here Comes The Sun for Easy Piano by the Beatles

Here Comes the Sun was written by George Harrison while a member of rock group the Beatles. It released first on the Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road. It is one of George Harrison’s best known Beatles songs.


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Star Wars Beginner Piano Sheet Music (Digital Print)

New installments to the Star Wars saga are drawing new generations of fans to the franchise, and it’s likely that Luke, Leia, Rey, and Kylo Ren will be some of the most recognized movie characters for years to come. Nearly as recognizable as the iconic characters is the masterful music by John Williams. His work on the original trilogy gave us some of the greatest film scores ever created, and he continues to enhance the newer films with original and familiar themes.

If you know a young Star Wars fan who is a new piano student, capture their attention and motivate them with easy Star Wars piano sheet music. Playing music from their favorite film will keep them practicing hard, and the many different music selections available will allow them to work on a variety of skills. Even kids who aren’t as familiar with the films can get caught up in the drama of Williams’ music. Arrangements of Star Wars music are available for a variety of skill levels, but the selections below from focus on newer piano students. These beginner and easy pieces capture the melodies and rhythms that students love in arrangements that they can successfully play.

Get Star Wars Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Star Wars Main Theme: Almost anyone could hum the victorious main theme, and it must be included in any collection of Star Wars sheet music. This first arrangement is designed for a true beginner, with only a melody line with note names labeled.

Get Star Wars Main Theme for Beginner Piano

Star Wars.PNG

For students with a little more experience under their belts, the next arrangement, for easy piano,  moves the melody between right and left hand and fleshes it out with one and two-note left hand accompaniment.

Get Star Wars Main Theme for easy piano

Main Theme 2.PNG

The Imperial March/ Darth Vadar’s Theme: This menacing march captures the fear and dread associated with Darth Vadar. Students will almost be able to hear the villain’s heavy breath as they

Get The Imperial March for easy piano.

Imperial March.PNG

Cantina Band: This jazzy number is fun to play, and can help facilitate practice of accidentals. An easy one-note left hand allows students to focus on the unusual rhythms and sharps in the right.

Get Cantina Band for Easy Piano

Cantina Band.PNG

Leia’s Theme: The original trilogy was ahead of its time in introducing a strong female character like Leia, and Leia continued to display strength and leadership into the more recent films. Fans of any generation, then, should recognize her theme.

Get Princess Leia’s Theme for easy piano.

Leia's Theme.PNG

Yoda’s Theme: It might take a true fan to recognize Yoda’s theme, which isn’t quite as well-known as the music above. With a little less fanfare, this piece strikes a more magical tone, fitting for the wise and mysterious character it embodies.

Get Yoda’s Theme for Easy Piano

Yoda's Theme.PNG

The music of Star Wars covers a range of moods and emotion, and beginning piano students will enjoy exploring all of them.


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10 Free Music Practice Charts for Kids

With the holidays over, it’s time to help your students re-establish strong practice habits. As many New Year’s resolution articles will tell you, written tracking is a great way to encourage the development of any habit or routine. Help your students stay consistent in their practice routine with a selection of fun and easy to use free printable music practice sheets for kids. With a variety of creative designs for a different age levels and time frames, you’ll find the perfect chart to motivate each one of your students.

Get Free Printable Music Practice Charts

14-Day Music Practice Charts

These first charts are a good fit for younger students. The two week time period doesn’t appear too daunting, and kids get a fresh start often. These practice sheets are designed to allow kids to color or add stickers to track their way to completion. Click on any of the sheets to visit the practice chart gallery and download them for your students to use.

Get Clown Color-In Practice Chart


Sticker chart practice sheets provide a purposeful structure, giving kids a goal to complete. In this example, they lead the owl to his tree by adding a sticker along the path for every day they practice. Other designs lead a puppy to its bone or a bee to its hive.

Get Practice Sticker Charts


The Superstar Practice Chart also spans two weeks, but allows more customization than simply checking off that practice has been completed. This chart allows specific goals to be set for certain music and in other areas.


Five-Week Music Practice Charts

Older kids can record their daily practice minutes and add them up each week on these neat, tasteful grid-style charts. Design options include flowers, piano keys, metronome, or music notes, shown below.

Get Five-Week Music Practice Charts


Oliver the Octopus Music Theory Arcade Practice Charts

There are more skills to practice besides the instrument itself. Music theory skills, such as flash cards or scales, also need to be reviewed. This type of practice can be encouraged with a separate, designated practice sheet.

Get Music Theory Arcade Practice Charts


Developing regular practice habits can be a challenge, but it’s one of the most important factors in students’ success. Give each student the tools and encouragement they need, starting with a free practice chart selected just for them. With a wide selection of free sheets, you can introduce different designs or formats throughout the year to add variety to practice time. While practice sheets can’t make your students practice, they can provide encouragement, accountability, and a feeling of accomplishment. They’ll find satisfaction in completing their practice session each day or watching their practice minutes add up, and you’ll find satisfaction in hearing their skills improve.

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Free Easy Christmas Piano Sheet Music for Kids

The Christmas season usually involves lots of full band and orchestra performances, but kids can celebrate solo, too. Harp and guitar players especially will find a selection of easy solo sheet music.

Download and Print Free Easy Christmas Piano Sheet Music

Jingle Bells Boogie: Free Solo for Beginner Band & Orchestra Students
Jingle Bells Boogie is a fun twist on a holiday favorite, perfect for kids who are enjoying their first Christmas with their instrument. A lively piano accompaniment adds energy to the jazzed-up but familiar melody. The free sheet music is available for instant download for a variety of instruments.

Jingle Bells Boogie for Flute Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie for Clarinet Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie for Oboe Solo by Fling
Jingle Bells Boogie for Alto Saxophone Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie for Trumpet Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie  for Trombone Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie for Violin Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie for Viola Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie for Cello Solo
Jingle Bells Boogie by Pierpont/Fling for Guitar Solo

Carol of the Bells: Free Easy Solo for Orchestra and Band Students
Carol of the Bells is an exciting solo enhanced by a strong piano accompaniment. Kids will enjoy playing with contrasting dynamics as they build up to the climax.

Carol of the Bells for Flute Solo
Carol of the Bells for Oboe Solo
Carol of the Bells for Violin Solo
Carol of the Bells for Guitar Solo

Free Christmas Music for Easy Harp Solo
Christmas is often the harp’s time to shine, as it is featured in many lullaby-like or angelic-sounding hymns and songs. Here are a few more free Christmas solos for harp.

Jingle Bells for Harp Solo by Pierpont
O Come, O Come Emmanuel for Harp Solo | Traditional
What Child is This? for Harp Solo | Traditional

Christmas Music for Easy Guitar Solo
While guitar may not be the first instrument one thinks of when it comes to Christmas, there’s plenty of opportunity for young guitar players to get into the holiday spirit! Whether accompanying a group or playing solo, kids will enjoy these Christmas guitar solos throughout the holiday season.

Jingle Bells by James Lord Pierpont for Guitar Solo
Joy to the World by Handel for Guitar Solo (Tab) (Premium)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas for Guitar Solo (Tab) (Premium)
Angels We Have Heard on High | French Carol for Jazz Guitar Solo

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