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12 Nursery Rhymes for Beginner Guitar | Guitar Sheet Music with TAB

The first English collections of nursery rhymes is found in Tommy Thumb’s Song Book and and it’s sequel, Tommy Thumb’s Pretty Song Book. Both nursery rhyme song books consider Mary Cooper to be the author, and the publication to be in London sometime before 1744. Because of their association with these books some of the songs became known as ‘Tommy Thumb’s songs. Thomas Carnan, is considered to be the first to use the term ‘Mother Goose’ when he published his English nursery rhyme compilation, ‘Mother Goose’s Melody,’ in London, 1780. These nursery rhymes have come to us from a variety of sources including proverbs, riddles, ballads, lines from plays, and historical events. Half of our traditional English nursery rhymes that we might consider Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes were known by the mid-18th century.

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Nursery Rhyme Beginner Guitar Sheet Music

This set of guitar sheet music includes a beginner level arrangement in music notation and TAB. The words are sometimes included on the sheet music.

Au Clair de la Lune for Guitar Solo (Notation and Tab)
London Bridge is Falling Down for Guitar Solo (Notation and Tab)
Mary Had a Little Lamb for Guitar Solo (Notation and Tab)
Old MacDonald Had A Farm Guitar Solo(Notation and Tab)
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for Guitar Solo (Notation and Tab)

Nursery Rhyme Lead Sheets for Guitar

The following guitar sheet music includes the melody, chords and lyrics. It also includes a piano part if you’d like a friend to play along.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep for Guitar (Lead Sheet)
Bingo for Guitar (Lead Sheet)
Little Tommy Tucker for Guitar (Lead Sheet)
Mulberry Bush for Guitar (Lead Sheet)
Ring Around the Rosy for Guitar (Lead Sheet)
Three Blind Mice for Guitar (Lead Sheet)
Wheels on the Bus for Guitar (Lead Sheet)


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