Creative Movement Activities for Spring | Music Lesson Plan

Want a creative way to practice rhythms and incorporate movement activities into your classroom? These activities are full of drama, movement and rhythm activities for your PreK through 2nd grade students.

Get Sing Play Creatively Resource: Activity Song: “Funny Little Bunny”  and “Shake Your Egg”

FUNNY BUNNYStudents will love hopping, running, munching and hiding with the “Funny Little Bunny” and writing their own verses. Music Rhythm lesson included. Best for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
Spring Program/Concert
Brain Break
Creative Movement Activity
Not only will the “Funny Little Bunny”  get your kids hopping, and learning about gardens, but they’ll be dancing and dramatizing to the four verses and more when you help them create their own lyrics to this bluesy tune.
“Bunny is so funny and he likes it when it’s sunny.”
Directions for all FOUR activities
Lyrics to the song
Vocal and Accompaniment MP3 tracks
PDF for printing or projecting
Sheet music
Use the different activities over 3-4 class periods along with some of your other favorite spring lessons.
“HOP” to it…this is a sure fire winner for all kids Pre-K to 2nd grade.


“SHAKE YOUR EGG” will give students opportunities to reinforce Colors and playing instrument fun. It comes with Sheet music, Mp3 Tracks of vocal and accompaniment tracks and now a Video for easy classroom use. Notation writing activities include: notes on the lines, spaces and staff, create a musical Easter Egg Character.

One thing I like to do is to have the students grouped by “egg” color and when it’s their turn, they stand up. This helps them remember their colors and gives them visual and active opportunities for learning.  If you have a smaller group, you can give each student one of the colors too! That way they can play for the whole song. You’ll be able to assess if they know their colors after singing this song.

Spring is a great time to get students moving. Incorporating learning opportunities with movement is an effective way and fun way to keep students engaged and learning throughout the school year.


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