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Kids who take on the challenge of the cello are a special bunch. First, they have committed to hauling around an instrument nearly as large as they are. Second, they have decided to bypass the more popular violin and try something a little different. Instead of carrying the melody like their flute, trumpet, or violin playing friends usually do, they are bass clef dwellers who often play a supporting role in orchestral arrangements. However, these insightful students have seen the beauty of an instrument that is sometimes overlooked. The warm, rich tones of the cello have a unique resonance, and the instrument has a remarkable stylistic range.

Let your cello students step into the spotlight with this collection of free easy cello solos. Each one features solo cello with piano accompaniment, giving cello players the opportunity to carry the piece. These ten cello solos also showcase a diverse array of styles, from the fast and furious “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” to the lyrical “Scarborough Fair.” Your students will love getting to know the different sides of their instrument through this cello sheet music collection. Since all of these solos are free digital downloads, you can enhance their music collection instantly without paying a cent.

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Jingle Bells Boogie for Cello Solo by Andrew Fling
Ode to Joy for Cello Solo by Ludwig van Beethoven
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik for Cello Solo by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The Entertainer for Cello Solo by Scott Joplin
In the Hall of the Mountain King for Cello Solo by Edvard Grieg
Kerry Dance for Cello Solo | Irish Folksong
March Slav for Cello Solo by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Minstrel Boy for Cello Solo | Irish Patriotic Song
Scarborough Fair for Cello Solo | English Ballad
Can-Can (The Galop) for Cello Solo by Jacques Offenbach

The cello is a powerful and versatile instrument, and nothing can help students understand that like a great collection of cello solos.

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