24 Elementary Music Lesson Plans – 1st Grade

Elementary music teachers can find themselves a bit isolated. They are often part of a small department, and many times are the only person teaching each of their grade levels. They may not get the opportunity to co-plan as some other departments do. Besides leaving music teachers with a lot of planning to do, it also leaves them without the diverse ideas, peer feedback, and encouragement that can be found when planning is done with others.

Many of these benefits can be gained by purchasing fellow teachers’ lesson plans online. When you read and use others’ lesson plans, you infuse your teaching with new ideas. You’ll see how another teacher structures her class periods, arranges her units, and sequences her semester. You can use what you like, compare ideas, and decide what will work best for your students. When you access high-quality classroom resources,  it’s like collaborating with an innovative colleague.

Lindsay Jervis is one such innovative colleague, and she offers full semester first grade lesson plan bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you are a new music teacher, new to first grade, or just need some new ideas for content or structure, this bundle can help. With 24 lessons that progress from kindergarten review to first grade concepts, you will be well on your way to a wonderful first semester of first grade. Reviewers love these plans’ organization, creativity, and effectiveness.

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Get Elementary Music Lesson Plans – First Grade {24 Lessons}

Elementary Music Lesson Plans - First Grade {24 Lessons}
220 Pages (Digital Zip File)

24 Scripted Lessons Aligned with Core Arts Standards
Several songs, slide sets and resources
Links to additional songs, slide sets, worksheets, assessments, resources, etc.

Some teachers might be concerned that purchasing lesson plans online is “cheating”or taking the easy road. Depending on how you use them, though, lesson plan bundles can be an investment in your classroom and your students. As the product’s description explains, these lessons aren’t meant to be a “print and teach” substitute for planning your own lessons. Instead, they are an excellent example that you can learn from, build on, customize, and make your own. Doing things the same way you’ve always done them is the easy road– incorporating new ideas and challenging yourself to improve is anything but!

Another teacher’s well-planned semester can inspire you as you write new lessons, provide a useful template, and generate ideas. You may end up using some of the lessons just as they are, but the benefits of a great lesson plan bundle reach beyond the individual lessons. It can be an opportunity to “collaborate” with another teacher to hone your craft and, ultimately, benefit your students.


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