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Musical Instrument Review Game Show | Music Lesson Plan

A great quiz game is the perfect way to wrap up a unit, prepare for an assessment, review a concept, or just have some educational fun. Creating a well-designed review game show with high-quality design and content, however, is a time-consuming prospect, and takes a fair amount of technical know-how. Luckily, many talented and tech-savvy teachers have chosen to make their creations available to the rest of us.

For example, almost any music teacher could use the Jeopardy-style musical instruments review game created by Tiny Toes and available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Users rave about the excellent design and useful content of this and her many other review game show products.

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Musical Instrument Review Game Show

* Musical Instruments GAME SHOW - interactive ppt
Digital Download PowerPoint/ Interactive White Board

The clear instructions ensure that you don’t have to be a technical genius to play the game through PowerPoint or your interactive white board. Creative composer contestants add fun to the game, and score keeping is managed through the interactive game interface. Straightforward questions ask teams to identify images of musical instruments, and correct answers are immediately confirmed and points awarded.

This game is perfect for any instrumental instrument or musical instrument family unit, and it also makes a great activity for a substitute teacher. Hundreds of teachers agree that this a four-start product, and reviews report that students love it, too.


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