Chopsticks | Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music

Sheet music for “Chopsticks”? Yes, you read the title correctly. Although “Chopsticks” seems to be the song that even non-pianists can play, it actually has a composer and has been arranged for piano solo and duet many times. Euphemia Allen is credited with composing this now-ubiquitous piece in the late 1800s under the title “The Celebrated Chop Waltz.”

Clearly, pianists found something about this simple piece catchy, for it has spread widely and remained a popular tune. The piece lends itself well to either basic or more complex arrangements, including variations on the theme, so it is a piece that piano students can revisit multiple times as they progress. Here are just four piano sheet music versions of “Chopsticks” at four different difficulty levels.

Print Beginner and Easy Piano Sheet Music – Solo and Duet

This first version is the simplest, written on the treble clef only with each hand responsible or one note.
Get Chopsticks | Sheet Music for Beginner Easy Piano Solo

The next version definitely moves beyond the beginner level, with the right hand playing two notes at once with a simple left hand bass line.
Get Chopsticks | Sheet Music for Easy Piano Easy/ Level 2 Piano Solo

Jump ahead to level 4 with a longer, two-page solo that requires multiple notes in both hands and much more movement.
Get Chopsticks | Sheet Music for Piano Intermediate/ Level 4 Piano Solo

For a grand finale, this last version brings a second player into the picture and has some fun with variations on the theme.
Get Chopsticks Sheet Music for Piano Intermediate Piano Duet

Students who progress to the more advanced versions will easily be able to see how far they have come when they see what they can now do with the simple tune known as “Chopsticks.”


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