Out of the Wild |Elementary Music Lesson Plans for Subs

Music teachers have it tough when it comes to preparing for a sub. Like all teachers, you want your students to keep learning while you’re away. Your absences aren’t always planned in advance, which sometimes leaves little time to prepare a lesson. In addition, you aren’t guaranteed that your sub will have any musical background, so you have to be careful what you plan. You also likely see many different grade levels each day, each of which likely requires a separate lesson. So what do you do? Show a music-related film? Run off some worksheets? Stay up all night preparing?

A reliable set of ready-to-use sub plans is just what music teachers need. They can take the stress out of sub preparations while ensuring that the classes you miss are still productive. Out of the Wild Sub Plans from Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room give the K-5 music teacher everything he or she needs to prepare for a sub quickly and easily. No musical expertise is required of the sub, but that doesn’t mean your students won’t be engaged and learning. Find out why over 100 teacher reviews agree that this product deserves 4 out of 4 stars.

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Out of the Wild | Sub Plans for the Elementary Music Classrooms

Out of the Wild {Sub Plans for the Music Classroom}
102 Page Digital Download

8 Editable Lesson Plans for grades K-5 (Many lessons are suitable for multiple grade levels  and all include listening, singing, instruments, writing, and/or literature.)
Editable Sub Notes
Sub Lesson Plan Templates
Sub Plan Checklist
Sub Tub Information Packet

Each lesson  includes easy-to-follow instructions, MP3s, worksheets, and other printables to make lesson prep simple. The activities also have clear objectives and many meet Common Core and/or NCCAS Standards, making sure each class period is purposeful. Depending on how often you see each class, these lesson plans could cover as many as two weeks away from school. The sub notes, templates, checklists, and information packet also streamline communication between you and your sub. You can customize the notes so they are up to speed on how your classroom and school day runs, and they can easily let you know what lessons they covered with which students.

When life calls you away from the classroom, you can have peace of mind with the knowledge that you sub plans are all squared away. Substitute teachers will appreciate the meaningful content and clear instructions, and your students will keep on learning. Everyone wins when you think ahead and take the simple step of purchasing great sub plans


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