Rhythm Squeeze: Piano Game

Interested in hosting a piano party or summer camp? Here’s a game that’s sure to be a hit!

This post is a shout-out for a fun game we found on TeachPianoToday.com. I love this game because it helps students to develop an ability to discern rhythmic patterns, and repeat them. This skill – analysis-  is also a higher-order thinking skill.

About Rhythm Squeeze
The best way to describe this fun, fast-paced activity is that it’s a little like “Telephone,” but with rhythms, running, and beanbags.

Learn more about Rhythm Squeeze: Piano Game

How to Play Rhythm Squeeze
Split your piano students into two lines and have them sit on the floor facing each other. Ask each line of students to hold hands.  Place a beanbag on the floor in between the two lines… Read more


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