Essential Tchaikovsky | Easy Piano Sheet Music

Much like a good book, a great piece of music can whisk its listeners off to faraway places. For piano students who love music with a dramatic story or the distinctive feel of a distant place, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky is the perfect composer to study. Since this Russian Romantic Era composer wrote a number of his most famous works for ballets, they are meant to set a scene and tell a story. From the mysterious magic of the Swan Lake theme to the sweeping romance of the Romeo and Juliet theme to the varied and beloved melodies of The Nutcracker, each one f his pieces promises an exciting journey.

Though many of Tchaikovsky’s most famous works were written for full orchestra, piano students can find high-quality piano arrangements at all levels of difficulty. Below is a list of Tchaikovsky piano sheet music available for immediate download. As you browse through the options, you can get a taste of the diverse moods and styles of Tchaikovsky’s works by listening to each one before you choose your favorite…or favorites.

Print Easy Piano Sheet Music

Swan Lake (Solo) for Easy/Level 1 Piano Solo by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Swan Lake (Duet) Easy/Level 1 Piano Duet by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Beriozka (The Birch Tree) for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo | 4th Symphony Theme
March Slav for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo
Trepak (Nutcracker) for Easy/Level 2 Piano Solo
Arabian Dance (Nutcracker) for Easy/Level 3 Piano Solo
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker) for Easy/Level 3 Piano
Romeo and Juliet (Love Theme) for Easy/Level 3 Piano Solo
Chinese Dance (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Dance of the Reeds (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Swan Lake (Theme) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo by Tchaikovsky
Theme from 1812 Overture for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
March (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo
Waltz of the Flowers (Nutcracker) for Easy-Intermediate/Level 5 Piano Solo

Or, for a collection of Tchaikovsky’s greatest works all in once place, consider the Meet the Composer Piano Book.

Tchaikovsky | Meet the Composer Series Piano Book, Vol. 3

23 Pages Digital Print Book
Trepak (Nutcracker)
March Slav
Arabian Dance (Nutcracker)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker)
Chinese Dance (Nutcracker)
March of the Nutcracker (Nutcracker)
Swan Lake (Swan Lake)
Dance of the Cygnets (Swan Lake)
1812 Overture
Romeo and Juliet Love Theme (Romeo and Juliet)

Every piece of Tchaikovsky piano music conjures different images and emotions, so piano students can enjoy playing all of his works without growing bored. They can look forward to new challenges and a new story with every Tchaikovsky piece.

Meet the Composer
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was born in 1840 in present-day Udmurtia, Russia. His father was a Ukrainian mining engineer. Peter began piano lessons at the age of five, and within three years he could read music as well as his teacher. Read More…


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