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Free “Secret Agent” Music Note Name Worksheets

There’s no such thing as too much practice when it comes to note names. Repeated review can get dull if it lacks variety, though. If you need a fresh way for students to review bass clef and treble clef note names, CodeBreaker and CodeMaker free music worksheets can help.

CodeBreaker worksheets use note names to spell out a secret message. Only students who know their note names will be able to crack the code.

Print Music Theory Worksheets – Note Names

CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
CodeBreaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

One page free PDF digital download printable (free)

Students who are pros at breaking the note-name code are ready for a new challenge: writing the coded messages themselves. With the CodeMaker worksheets, kids use their note name expertise to create a secret message using the letters A-G. They can then exchange and decode each other’s messages for more fun (and more practice). This activity can also be used more than once, as students can create countless coded messages.

Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

One page PDF digital download printable (free)

If you or your students need a break from drilling note names, try going undercover and breaking (or making) the note-name code. These worksheets offer a change of pace in your music class, piano lesson, or instrumental lesson, and they are ready to use immediately.  They also give students a feeling of expertise as their note-name knowledge allows them to solve and create the puzzles. Having fun while practicing note names? Mission accomplished.


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