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Kindergartners need lots of repetition and practice to solidify new concepts. However, their limited attention spans mean they can’t spend too much time on the same activity. That’s why learning centers are the perfect solution for the kindergarten music classroom. They’re the perfect way to review a concept for an extended period of time while maintaining student engagement. Centers can also incorporate different learning styles and often encourage cooperative learning.

Centers are great for deepening understanding of important concepts, and one concept that can always use reinforcement is rhythm. Performing rhythms, visualizing rhythm patterns, tracking rhythms, and distinguishing rhythm from beat are just a few of the basic yet surprisingly complex skills young students must master. Aileen Miracle provides the tools you need to review rhythm using music classroom centers.

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Kindergarten Music Centers {Rhythm}

An overview of the stations with directions and strategies for organization
Signs, student instructions, and printables for six rhythm centers, including the following:

  1. Rhythm Cards– Students select a chant or song card and pair it with a movement card to practice accompanying and reproducing a song’s rhythm through movement
  2. Rhythm Coloring Sheet– Students color rhythm icons to match the given chant and follow the symbolic representation as the chant is recited.
  3. Rhythm Tracking– Students track the rhythms to several different provided chants or songs.
  4. Instruments– Visual cues challenge students to select the proper instrument, and then sing and play the rhythm that fits the provided picture.
  5. Assessment– The teacher is anchored at this center to assess students’ differentiation between beat and rhythm. The teacher plays either the beat or the rhythm, and the student identifies which is being played using the provided visual.
  6. Beat & Rhythm Sorting– Students address the distinction between beat and rhythm again as they sort visual patterns of known songs into categories.

(Digital Download/ 39 pages)

This is just one of Mrs. Miracle’s new kindergarten centers. She also offers a Kindergarten Center Bundle that includes Rhythm Centers along with Fast and Slow, Loud and Quiet, Steady Beat, and High and Low. She also offers music center bundles for additional grade levels, from 1st through 5th.

Centers do take some time and preparation, but they provide a change of pace and new learning opportunities. And, when you have a helpful resource like this one, much of the preparation is done for you. With this purchase, you will be well on your way to incorporating all the fun and benefits of centers into your classroom.


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