10 Music Theory Worksheets and Games for Kids

Those of us charged with teaching music theory basics have a big job. The concepts we teach are the starting points for our kids’ musical education. Whether they go on to sing, take piano lessons, play a musical instrument, or compose, they won’t go far without a solid grasp of music theory. Building a strong  music theory foundation requires a mixture of facts and fun. Solid teaching and frequent review are essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Below you will find ten resources for teaching and practicing music theory basis. They include both worksheets and games to make the content both clear and enjoyable for kids.

Print Music Theory Worksheets and Games

Color That Note | Note Name Worksheets
Bring some color into note identification! Students create a color key at the top and identify like notes with like colors. This activity works well early in the note name learning process.

Get Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/C Position
Get Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/C Position
Get Color That Note! Worksheet Treble Clef/G Position
Get Color That Note! Worksheet Bass Clef/G Position

Note Name Flash Cards
Perfect for individual practice, partner work, or classroom flashcard races such as “Around the World,” these clear, simple flashcards will be used again and again. These flashcards are also a part of the Ultimate Music Theory Pack for Kids below, so if you are interested in these, check out the whole bundle.

Get Treble Clef Flashcards
Get Bass Clef Flashcards

Music Bingo Bundle | Note Names, Rhythms, Symbols, Terms, and More
The classic BINGO game gets a musical twist in this bundle by Brian Ninjas. Ten different games, each focusing on a different music theory concept, are ready to print and play. Those who teach a wide range of grade levels will be glad to learn that the set includes games appropriate for grades 1-9.

Music Bundle Bingo Games

Codemaker Note Name Worksheets
Students who know their note names will be able to crack the musical code and decipher the secret messages.

Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Treble Clef
Get CodeMaker! Note Name Worksheet Bass Clef

Note Value/ Rhythm Worksheets
Students learn and practice the relationships among note values as they add up note values like they would in math class. Different worksheet options are available depending on which rhythms students are familiar with.

Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet One (Whole/Half/Quarter)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Two (Half/Quarter/Eighth)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Three (Whole/Dotted Half/Half)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Four (Dotted Qtr/Quarter/Eighth)
Get It All Adds Up! | Worksheet Five (Quarter/Eighth/Sixteenth)

Popsicle Stick Rhythm Games
This four-star product from Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room features ten different rhythm games that are great for centers, small groups, and more. Many games also include worksheets related to the concept the game reviews.

Get Popsicle Stick Rhythm Games

Popsicle Stick Rhythm Games

The Rhythm Store Game
Music notes become currency as students count the cost of various items in note values, make change, and solidify their understanding of note values.

Get The Rhythm Store™ Game | Rhythm

Interval Worksheets
With one sheet addressing each interval, students can practice seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths individually. Then, they can put their knowledge to the test with the Ready, Set, Go timed interval identification challenge.

Get Intervals! | Worksheet One (2nds)
Get Intervals! | Worksheet Two (3rds)
Get Intervals! | Worksheet Three (4ths)
Get Intervals! | Worksheet Four (5ths)
Get Ready, Set, Go! | Worksheet Five

Music Theory Unit: Note Values and Rhythms
This unit bundle from Sing Play Creatively focuses on note values with “I can” statements and provides rhythm practice suitable for grades 2-5. With 214 pages of activities, teacher instructions, printables, you are sure to find plenty of useful materials!

Get Music Theory Note Value and Rhythm Bundle

Music Theory Note Values with I Can's, Rhythm Practice Lev

Theory Flashcard & Game Bundle
With multiple flashcard sets and four different music theory games, this bundle will keep your students engaged while practicing various music theory basics

Get Ultimate Music Theory Pack for Kids | Flash Cards and Games


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