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Ready-to-Use Music Classroom Rubrics

Any music teacher who has used great rubrics can tell you how helpful they are. Any music teacher who has created great rubrics can tell you how much time and effort it takes to develop them. That’s why well-written, ready-to-use music classroom rubrics are one of the most valuable resources a music teacher can find.

This four-star rubric bundle from Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room provides 10 classroom-ready rubrics for some of the basic skills that can be difficult to assess. These skills span a variety of levels, from steady beats to rhythmic and melodic dictation to solo singing and recorder playing. The bundle also includes supplemental materials to help teach some of those skills. Finally, you will find tools to help you use rubrics well, and even resources to create your own rubrics. Hundreds of teachers have purchased and loved this elementary music rubric resource.

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Get Ready-to-Use Rubrics for the Music Classroom

Ready-to-use Rubrics {10 Rubrics for the Music Classroom}

10 Ready-to-Use Printable Rubrics

  • Keeping steady beat
  • Tracking steady beat
  • Tracking rhythm
  • Differentiating between comparatives like fast/slow
  • Reading rhythm patterns
  • Improvising rhythm patterns
  • Rhythmic dictation
  • Melodic dictation
  • Solo singing
  • Playing recorders

Supplemental Materials

  • Beat chart
  • Comparative visuals
  • Popsicle stick directions
  • Paper plate improvisation directions
  • Melodic manipulative directions
  • “Old House” and “Come back home my little chicks” for solo singing
  • “Apple Tree” and “Bee Bee” rhythm visuals

How to Write a Rubric
Why Use Rubrics
Rubric Template
(29 Pages, Compressed Zipped File)

A well-written rubric can be a music teacher’s best friend. For one thing, they streamline assessment, making a sometimes subjective and abstract process more concrete. In this way, rubrics also enhance communication about your students’ progress with parents, students themselves, departments, and school administrations. Music teachers can have a difficult time providing the type of numerical student data that schools are increasingly requiring, but using clear, common rubrics can help meet these standards.

Rubrics aren’t just helpful on the final assessment end of a lesson or unit, though. The same rubric can be used multiple times throughout a unit to track students’ learning.  A good rubric can also help you establish expectations and goals from the time a concept is first introduced. It can even guide your planning as you plan your approach to a new skill.

Not only will this music rubric resource enhance your rubric collection with ten teacher-tested rubrics to use tomorrow– it will also assist you in creating and improving rubrics of your own so that you and your students can fully enjoy all the benefits a great rubric provides again and again.


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