Carol of the Bells | Easy Piano Christmas Sheet Music

Looking for an exciting addition to a Christmas piano recital? A fun holiday piece that will engage your piano students? Carol of the Bells piano sheet music may be just what you need. This easy piano arrangement of Carol of the Bells captures all of the dynamic contrast, building anticipation, and constant motion that makes the song so popular.

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Carol of the Bells Piano Sheet Music

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Carol of the Bells has become a Christmas favorite in the U.S., and it has been recorded by countless vocal and instrumental artists. It’s repetitive, bell-like melody, driving rhythm, and dramatic build-up make for a spellbinding performance, with or without lyrics, so it makes a perfect piano solo as well.

This piece is now so closely associated with Christmas that many would be surprised to learn that it didn’t originate as a Christmas song. The first lyrics written for thisUkrainian folk song by Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych actually related to the Julian New Year and had nothing to do with bells at all. The words are meant to be those of a swallow, predicting a successful new year. It was first performed in the Ukraine in the early 20th Century under the name Shchedryk.

The “bells” came into the story when American composer Peter Wilhousky heard a performance of the Ukranian version. He penned his own lyrics, incorporating the sounds of bells and reframing the piece as a Christmas song.


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