Note Value Game for Kids │The Rhythm Store (Music Theory)

Whether teaching students to sing, play the piano, read music, or play any other musical instrument, there’s one basic skill music students need to master: note values. Rhythms need to be second nature to students. That’s why there’s no such thing as too much practice. The Rhythm Store Game provides a fun way for students to review note values away from the piano or music book. Using rhythm cards as currency, the students count the cost of pre-priced items in beats as they “shop” the store you’ve set up.

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The Rhythm Store Game

17 Rhythm Cards
9 Price Tag Cards
1 Instruction Sheet
(PDF Download, 5 pages, Making Music Fun!)

This game can be played in a home environment or in a classroom. The instructor’s role is to set up shop by selecting items for students to “buy” with their rhythm cards. At home, this may mean finding toys or other fun items from around the house. At school, students may shop for small, inexpensive prizes, snacks, or coupons for classroom privileges. Use the game’s price tags to assign each item’s cost in beats.

Students then receive their shopping money in the form of rhythm cards. It’s their job to calculate the number of beats represented by the notes on their cards and decide which items to buy. Exact change is required, so students need to know exactly how many beats each of their rhythm cards represents. It also adds the challenge of “breaking” larger valued rhythm cards for the equivalent number of beats in smaller valued notes.

You are free to print as many copies as needed, which means that you can set up a store large enough for a whole classroom or multiple smaller stores. You might even try employing students as cashiers. However you choose to use it, The Rhythm Store game will help your students will look at rhythms in a new way, and have fun doing it.


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