The Wee Little Scare│Rhythmic Counting Sing-Along Book

Remember the singsong jump rope counting rhymes of the playground? The jump rope’s rhythmic clicking provides a steady beat behind a playful chant. These jump rope rhymes inspired the sing-along counting book The Wee Little Scare. Kindergarten and early elementary students will easily find the rhythm in the rhyming story, which provides a fun opportunity for teaching steady beat.

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Illustrated counting book
Piano sheet music
(14 page PDF/ Digital download)

Colorful, textured illustrations highlight the simple, rhymed story of an elephant meeting a mouse. The story can be spoken rhythmically or sung to the tune provided on the included sheet music. Students will be able to learn the words quickly and join in singing the story. Clapping, tapping, instruments, or even jumping can be added to reinforce the beat.

For a fun lesson that really gets kids moving, visit this page on The Lesson Zone at Making Music Fun! The lesson emphasizes the concept of a steady beat and addresses National Standard for Music #2. It also incorporates an Orff arrangement to get students involved in the music making process. Finally, Wee Little Scare is brought back to its jump rope rhyme roots by incorporating a jump rope contest. Students will be counting in steady beats as they jump to the rhythm of the song and count their jumps as they vie for the victory.

This book can be enjoyed are home as a simple counting book or used as the basis for a memorable classroom activity. No matter how it’s used, you and your students are sure to have fun with the irresistible jump rope rhyme rhythm.


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