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Ultimate Music Theory Pack | Flashcards and Games for Kids

If you are looking for a way to add fun to music theory, this bundle is for you. Beginning students will have hours of fun learning and reviewing note names, note and rest values, dynamic symbols, and other basic musical terms. This bundle includes three different flashcard sets, two memory games, and two board games to reinforce the facts that all young musicians need to know.

Print Music Theory Worksheets and Games

Ultimate Music Theory Pack for Kids │ Flash Cards and Games

17 Treble Clef Flashcards with Answer Key
17 Bass Clef Flashcards with Answer Key
Treble Clef Memory/Concentration Game with 17 Note Images and 17 Letter Names
Bass Clef Memory/Concentration Game with 17 Note Images and 17 Letter Names

Flash Frog™ Flashcards: These colorful cards include note names, time signatures, note values, basic musical terms, and more. They can be used as flashcards or as a memory matching game.

Carnegie Hall Park™ music theory board game: Printable game board, instructions, color-coded question cards, parking ticket cards, and score sheets are included—all you need is one die and a small toy car for each player. Players advance around the board answering questions from different categories, including dynamics, rests, time signatures, tempo terms, and note names. Players must answer 15 questions correctly, including at least one from each category, to win. Incorrect answers result in parking tickets—three tickets, and you’re out.

Pirate Quest™ Basic Music Terms Board Game: Game board, 30 question cards, “walk the plank” cards, instructions, and answer key are included. Game players sail the high seas, moving across a pirate-themed game board by answering questions about musical terms. Watch out for wrong answers, though—three incorrect answers and you’ve walked the plank. The most basic beginning terms are marked with red dots, so these can be mastered first. Then, more challenging cards can be added.

Once you download the digital file, you can print as many sets of flashcards, game boards, and game cards as you need. Several sets can be printed to teach and entertain entire music classes for a class fun day, review activity, or early finishers. Sets could be sent home with beginning piano or instrumental students or used during homeschool music study as well. Answer keys allow students to play independently. Game sets can be customized to your students’ current focus by removing cards, and some sets include blank cards so that you could add your own musical terms to review.

When students have this much fun, they will gladly review note names and musical terms again and again.


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