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Many students think composing is a natural talent that people are born with. Those who have it are lucky, and those who don’t are out of luck. Kids might also think that composing is for professionals, adults, or maybe the occasional eighteenth-century child prodigy. Imagine a student’s surprise, then, when they discover that they too can compose! Composing with Kids requires no music theory expertise. Any student with basic piano and music reading skills can become a composer by following the “recipes” in this book.

Learn to Write Music with Composing with Kids

Print Composing with Kids │Five “Recipes” for Success

Table of Contents
Hot Cross Buns Remix
Walk Like an Egyptian
Surprise Inside
Ostinato, Ostinato, Ostinato
Ragtime Mix and Match
Manuscript Paper
(PDF/ Digital Print, 13 pages)

No musical inspiration? No problem! This instructional book demystifies composition by comparing composing to baking cookies. Just like different types of cookies require different ingredients, so different musical elements create songs of various styles. Budding composers can follow five unique “recipes” to create music of five different “flavors.” They will soon have the building blocks to create original masterpieces.

This book provides a starting point for each new piece, whether a scale, an existing song, a left-hand pattern, or song snippets to combine. This original approach to composing encourages students to be creative while giving them a solid starting point. And, with this approach, the book can be revisited multiple times, as each musical prompt could yield endless possibilities.

Incorporating composition could be an exciting way to add variety to piano lessons or a fun activity for any piano student to enjoy on their own.


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