Teaching Solfège | Song and Activity Pack for the Music Classroom

Sol-Mi often serves as the foundation to young students’ musical paradigm. Aileen Miracle’s comprehensive sol-mi package provides everything you need to immerse your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade students in sol-mi. With 90 pages of varied resources, you can spend up to three months introducing, reinforcing, practicing, and enjoying sol-mi.

Get Songs and Activities to Teach Sol-Mi

Songs and Activities to Teach Sol-Mi

2 Lesson Plans (Presenting sol-mi and Toy Symphony)
2 PowerPoint Presentations (“Solfa Street” and “Star Light”)
5 Smart Board files (For visually and aurally identifying staff patterns, manipulating staff patterns, and writing staff patterns)
Melodic Flashcards (Staff and stick notation)
Manipulative Visuals with directions
Learning Center Activities
3 Worksheets (Lines and spaces and Sol-Mi writing)
Strategies for teaching sol-mi and for staff work
Songs to teach sol-mi
“See Saw” stick notation sheet
(Compressed Zip File)

Mrs. Miracle provides everything you need to embark on a thorough and multi-faceted study of sol-mi. Students will see, hear, write, and interact with this tonal pattern through multiple mediums, learning to recognize and reproduce its sound and notations. Whether you are completely new to this approach to teaching music or you are looking for some new resources to refresh your practice, this lesson pack will enhance your work.


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