Ludwig van Beethoven │Music Bulletin Board Poster Bundle

Familiarity with Ludwig van Beethoven is a must for music students of all ages. The Beethoven Bulletin Board Poster Bundle provides an attractive and memorable overview of the composer’s life, works, era, and fun facts. Perfect as a focal point for a composer of the month program or any lesson involving the composer, this ready-to-use display bundle instantly enhances your learning space.

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Ludwig van Beethoven │ Bulletin Board Poster Pack

One large Beethoven poster (11 x 14.5)
Five bulletin board posters (8.5 x 11)
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These visual aids sport a clean-cut, simple design to emphasize key points without distraction. Their style is appropriate for a variety of age levels, from 2nd to 6th grade. Repetition of information in different formats contributes to long-term retention, and these posters will reinforce the facts every time students see them.

A large image of the composer helps students put a face to the famous name, and a poster of the era helps students place him in his context in Germany at the turn of the 19th century. The composer won’t seem so distant, though, when students see (and hear) the pieces on the poster of his most famous works. Many will have heard the well-known melodies of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Ode to Joy, or Für Elise. A fun fact poster helps humanize the musical legend and gives kids something to remember. (Hint: Some students may find they share a surprising favorite food with Beethoven!)

In addition to leaving us immortal music, Beethoven’s life story also offers students a valuable example overcoming adversity. The remarkable fact that Beethoven suffered from increasing deafness throughout his career is something students won’t soon forget. Even when he lost his hearing entirely, he continued to compose great works. Imagine the perseverance and dedication it would take to work so diligently crafting beautiful pieces he could never hear.

Music teachers have a lot to cover, between musical skills, facts, terminology, history, and more. This poster bundle can help you bring composer studies into the mix in an easy yet effective way. As a stand-alone composer study or a featured “Composer of the Month,” Beethoven deserves a place in your music curriculum, and this Beethoven poster bundle is the perfect reinforcement.


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