Orff Xylophone Repair Guide – Bluebird Music Lessons

Are you having problems with your Orff Keyboard instruments? Below are a few tips to  bring back the glory days of those instruments.

Buzzing Bars
Is your Orff instrument “buzzing” when played. There are two possible reasons for that. It’s either 1) the bar, or 2)  the resonator box. Here’s how to check. Move the bar you think is buzzing to another spot. If it’s still buzzing it’s the bar. If it’s not buzzing it most likely the glued seams on the resonator box have dried out. If this is the problem, run a bead of Elmers wood glue along the seams and let it stand for a day.

Mallet Repair
If you’re using wood mallets it may be enough to glue the head and the handle back together with Elmers glue. If you have yarn-wrapped mallets, grab some yarn from your local craft store and wrap away.

Mallet Wrapping – YouTube

Out of Tune Bars
This is a tricky one. It’s possible to retune your bars, but maybe better to leave it to a professional.

If you want to try tuning them yourself, here’s a guide:

Build Your Own Orff Xylophone: Step-by-Step Woodworking Plans

If you want to send them off to someone for profession tuning, search Google for:

“Custom Marimbas”

There are several custom instrument builders thay may be willing to serve you.