How to Inspire a Respectful Music Classroom | Songs, Posters and More


Here’s a collection of music classroom resources  from Sandra Hendrickson at Sing Play Creatively. These resources will help you build classroom community and teach character education . Check out the resources below for some useful freebies and other tools you can use right away for the whole school year to develop, build and expand on good character skills.

On top of teaching all the academic skills, teachers are asked to also work on character education. The best way to teach is to model. So if you can get students to show good character then they gain confidence in their positive experience and can then begin to make their own good choices.

So I created some fun songs that will help you do this-and also have some fun. I also made sure to create some cross-learning opportunities in reading and writing. I’d suggest choosing one of the songs to sing for at least a week during your morning meeting. Then you can use the games and writing activities as part of your daily 5 or language arts block.

Brain storm with students about the vocabulary and have some open discussions to help your students begin to think differently. I know that you can make a difference using these tools. Your classroom will run smoother and you will be able to teach more effectively when you have a RESPECTFUL classroom.

Singing songs together builds a great classroom community of learners. Beginning your morning with a song will wake up your students – and you – and get their brains ready for more learning and engagement.

Here’s the Bundle:

Character Education Bundle of Songs, Games, Posters and Wr

Get Character Education Bundle of Songs, Games, Posters and Writing Activities

Using the word “Manners” instead of “Rules” is a bit more “kid” friendly.  The phrase “Work Hard and Be Nice” is also short, sweet and to the point. How about a nice set of manners posters?

 Freebie: Manners and Classroom Rules Posters

Get Freebie Classroom Manners Posters

Classroom Games Brain Breaks, Team Building, PE

Singing and moving makes the grade for all students. You just can’t go wrong with a song! Grab this freebie with chants and songs to line up and take little brain breaks.

Freebie Line Up and Brain Break Chants, Songs and Activities

Back to School Classroom Management Songs, Games, and Rule

Get Classroom Management Songs, Games, Rules

Song for Character Education: "Respect" Literacy Activitie

Get Respect song and Writing Activity

Song for Character Education: "I Want to be Trustworthy" L

Get Trustworthy Song and Activities

Song for Character Education: "To Be Fair" with Literacy A

Get Trustworthy Song and Activities

With these resources you’ll inspire your students to achieve great things this year!


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