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Handel | Composer of the Month Music Lesson and Bulletin Board Bundle

Product Description
Want to share a new composer with your elementary music students this month? This Handel | Composer of the Month Music Lesson and Bulletin Board Bundle might be just the thing you’re looking for.

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Handel | Composer of the Month Music Lesson and Bulletin Board Bundle


Bundle Contents
4 – 8.5×11 Bulletin Board Posters (Includes a Small George Frideric Handel Portrait Poster, Top Hits Poster, Fun Facts Poster and a Poster Like the Cover Art Shown Above)
1 – 11×14.5 George Frideric Handel Portrait Poster (Large 2-Page Poster)
Hey Kids, Meet George Frideric Handel Biography
The Story of Handel’s Messiah (Tells the Story of the Messiah Came to Be)
George Frideric Handel |  Word Search Worksheet
Meet the Composer Job Application (Fill It Out As If You Were the Composer)
Hallelujah Chorus Listening Map (Icon/Text-Based Map)
Hallelujah Chorus Recorder Play-Along (Includes Recorder Sheet Music and Digital Track String Orchestra Recordings – Performance and Practice Tempo Mp3’s)
About Resources – (Everything You Might Want to Know About the Resources)

About the Word Search Worksheet
The composer word search worksheet is designed to build reading skills so it doesn’t include the search terms. The worksheet asks students to search for the words in the composer biography. The words they’ll be searching for are the important words about the composer, like his name, where he was born, and the names of his music works will be the words students will look for. If they can’t find them all they’re included on the “About” page.

About the Meet the Composer Job Application
Students help Handel get a job! They complete this job application for George Frideric Handel, including all the facts they learned from his biography and finish be cutting the photo from the biography out and pasting it at the bottom of the application.

There are so many ways included in this bundle to get your students involved learning about Handel and interacting with his music. Cooperative learning opportunities include the composer biography, word search worksheet, job application and perhaps even learning the Hallelujah Chorus on recorder (if you students have already received a strong introduction to the recorder. As a class the younger students will benefit by rehearsal time with you to drill the notes and rhythms of the Hallelujah Chorus solo, and by listening to the recording with the Hallelujah Chorus listening map to appreciate the many wonderful events throughout the work. Lastly, your students will continue to learn about Handel long after the lessons are over with the reminders the bulletin board posters will provide each time they visit your classroom.

Handel | Composer of the Month Music Lesson and Bulletin Board Bundle


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