Musical Concept Planner | Lessons Sequencing Starter Pack

Do you have a lot of music lesson ideas, but aren’t sure how what order to present them. This Kodaly inspired lesson planning starter pack from Aileen Miracle at is a well-rated guide for teachers interested in long-range lesson planning.

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1) Semi-Completed Concept Plans
Kindergarten: Lessons include Loud/Quiet, Fast/Slow, Beat, High/Low, Basic Rhythms
First Grade: Lessons include Ta and Ti-Ti, Sol-Mi, La, Quarter Rest
Second Grade: Lessons include Tika-Tika, Do, Half Note, Re and 2-Beat Meter
Third Grade: Lessons include Low la, Ti-tika, Low sol, Tika-Ti and 4-Beat Meter

Preparation Sheets – Preparation sheets are included for five songs/chants for each concept including physical, visual, and aural columns for each. They include boxes with strategies that can be used as a springboard for brainstorming.
Practice Sheets – Practice sheets use the same five songs/chants for each concept. Each practice sheet comes with two assessment strategies: summative (evaluating student learning at the end of an instructional unit) or formative (a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted during the learning process for the purpose of modifying the instruction and improve student success) assessments.

You will be able to edit all of the plans as they are created as word documents.

2) Concept Plan Template

3) Directions for Starter Pack and for Writing Concept Plans

This would be a great set to purchase to write concept plans in preparation for the new school year, and/or if collaborating with other music colleagues. If you are purchasing to collaborate, please purchase additional licenses (at half price) for the other music teachers in your group.


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