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Music Listening Worksheets | 30 Worksheet Bundle

Whatever grade level you teach, this popular listening worksheet bundle from Cori Bloom will have something to offer you and your music students.

Get Music Listening Worksheets | 30 Worksheet Bundle


This collection includes 30 music listening worksheets for students in grades K-12. They are worksheets that can work with any music, and include writing prompts to guide your students through the activity.

Set #1 – 10 Worksheets
The easiest worksheet is a blank face. Students draw what their feeling while listening to the music. It seems simple, but it turns your students into critical thinkers trying to discover what reaction they are having to the music. The most complex listening worksheet asks a series of critical thinking questions. For students in grades K-12.

Set #2 – 10 Worksheets
This collection of worksheets are sometimes piece specific (choral, instrumental and world music) and others will work with any piece of music. For students in grades K-12.

Set #3 – 10 Worksheets/Compare and Contrast
This collection of worksheets includes musical categories to help guide student thought processes,  while other worksheets have blank spaces to encourage creativity. For students in grades K-12.



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