Elements of Music | Anchor Chart Posters (Digital Download)

Interested in making the most of every moment? Anchor Chart posters on the music classroom wall can provide the extra push to help kids remember the ever so important lessons you gave, and provide an “anchor” for new concepts.

Print Music Anchor Chart Posters

Elements of Music | Anchor Chart Posters (Digital Download)


8 – 8.5×11 Digital Print Elements of Music Anchor Chart Posters

What is an Anchor chart?
Anchor charts teach. Anchor charts become posters that help kids summarize what they are learning. They are more than background or decoration for the walls. Anchor charts are ideas teachers and students can relate back to, and then ‘anchor’ to new concepts. Kids need anchor points to tie everything to. It’s the way the brain works. Anchor charts help your main points be the main things they learn all year because students reinforce their learning every time they read them.

This set of 8 music posters includes:
Tempo – The Speed of the Beat
Dynamics – How Loud and Soft
Harmony – The Chords
Timbre – Tone Color
Form – The Sequence of Events
Melody – What We Sing in Sing-Alongs
Rhythm – The Length of Notes
Texture – How Parts Work Together

Each poster is attractively designed, super colorful, and laser focused on defining the elements of music terms.

Elements of Music | Anchor Chart Posters (Digital Download)


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