Sub Survival Tub | Music Substitute Teacher Plans with Games

The Music Substitute Teacher Plans with Games from the Kodaly Inspired Classroom by Lindsay Jervis is a resource bundle for perfect for subs with zero experience teaching in the music classroom.

Print Music Lesson Plans for Subs Resource

Music Substitute Teacher Plans with Games



1) Completely Editable Sub Binder Pages
You’ll be able to include your daily schedule, procedures, emergency drills, seating charts, and where to find everything else they’ll need for the day.

2) Printable Feedback Forms
These forms will include space for your sub to share what your students accomplished, who was helpful, and who had a hard time staying on track.
3) Editable Book List
This is a list of books that include CD’s for subs that are not comfortable singing with the students.

4) Video List
If they’re really uncomfortable in the music classroom, videos provide a great solution. A short list of videos is also included, with places to purchase them and recommended grade levels.

5) Singing Games
Singing games are also included. If you teach them to the kids, they’ll be able to play them with the sub, and continue to reinforce concepts that you have introduced.

6) Children’s Literature Lessons with Extensions
This section allows subs to participate a little by reading a book and then brainstorming, reviewing, writing or drawing with the students.

Books include:
Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
What a Wonderful World
When You Wish Upon a Star
Carnival of the Animals

7) I Have, Who Has Bundle
This bundle also includes several other bundles. One being the “I Have, Who Has” rhythm and melody games bundle. The price of this single item is $14.

8) Post Office Bundle
The “Post Office” bundle, with rhythm and melody games, saves another $11.

9. Telephone Rhythm Games Bundle
Finally, the “Telephone” rhythm games bundle saves another $12.



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