Star Wars | Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Printable Worksheets)

Wish you had an easy to assess your music classroom students all at once? Listening glyph worksheets make it as easy as it gets!

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Star Wars | Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Printable Worksheets)


Listening glyphs are perfect for assessing K-3 students as they listen to music recordings. As they listen student are asked questions like, “Is the music fast, medium or slow.” They respond by coloring an area of the picture one color or another. For this listening glyph music students are asked to listen for a “Steady Beat.” If they hear a steady beat they should color Princess Leia’s face pink. If they don’t hear a steady beat they should color Princess Leia’s face blue.

This simple response lets you know what each student is hearing immediately, and allows you to quickly shift your instruction to address student understanding.

Products Contents
The Star Wars | Music Listening Glyph Worksheet pack includes three listening glyphs and an “About This Activity” page.

The General Listening Glyph is designed for use with any piece of Star Wars soundtrack music. Students are asked to listen for steady beat, staccato/legato, tempo, amplitude (dynamics – loud/soft), the size of the music group, weather there are singers or not, and if they hear string family instruments.

The Star Wars “Main Title” Listening Glyph asks students to listen for music elements in the “Main Title” theme from the original movie soundtrack.

The final version is a Blank Listening Glyph designed to provide the greatest freedom to music teachers. Teachers can choose any piece, decide on the musical elements they want their students to listen for, and fill in the blanks to reflect those goals.

The last page of the packet includes instructions and lesson extension ideas.

Star Wars | Music Listening Glyph Worksheets (Printable Worksheets)

About John Williams and Stars Wars
John Williams music has become a hit with every generation since the Stars Wars hit the big screen in 1977. Since then William’s score for Star Wars was selected by the American Film Institute as the greatest film score of all time.


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