Pizza Man, Pizza Man | Music Composition Lesson Plan (Digital Download)

Looking for a music composition lesson for your music classroom? Nothing is better than a lesson that combines pizza, music, and kids!

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Pizza Man, Pizza Man | Music Composition Lesson Plan (Digital Download)


The Pizza Man, Pizza Man lesson plan, from, provides a great way for students to work in cooperative groups to compose a piece of music. At the end of the class you can have the student groups play their piece. Lots of laughs!

Students are given a worksheet and a  non-pitched percussion instrument. The worksheet provides the first half of the Pizza Man, Pizza Man rap:

Pizza Man, Pizza Man,
Make me a pie,
Make me a pie and pile it high,…

Their job is to complete the rap with the pizza topping rhythms on the worksheet.

Meets National Standards for Music Goals
The Pizza Man, Pizza Man lesson is designed to fulfill Standard #4 of the National Standards for Music: Composing and arranging music within specified guidelines, as well as Standard #8: Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.

Pizza Man, Pizza Man Lesson Plan and Worksheet

About Lesson Plan
The lesson plan is a step-by-step scripted lesson. Younger teachers will benefit the most from the scripting as the wording wil help them add clarity to their delivery of the lesson.  Teacher;s that have been at it awhile might just use the lesson as a starting place for bigger and better things.

What You’ll Need
Lesson Plan
Non-Pitched Percussion Instrument for Each Student

Pizza Man, Pizza Man | Music Composition Lesson Plan (Digital Download)



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