Music Lab in the Music Classroom: 3 Reasons It’s The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Adding a music lab to your music classroom might be just the thing to help students review what they’ve been learning and help you achieve the main goals you have for the school year.

Send a few students to a centers table each class period to drill the concepts you really find important for this school year while you teach the rest of the class. Easy! By the end of the year your students will have visited the lab several times and be much more confident in what they learned, and you’ll be far more confident that your lessons were a smashing success!

Music lab will be the best decision you’ll ever make because:

1) Music lab helps students review what they are learning, and provides a means of assessment for the teacher.

Students might:

a) Review rhythmic values by completing worksheets

b) Listen to the music of previous listening lessons as they follow a listening map

c) Drill note names

d) Play music theory review games


2) Music lab will help teachers to be sure to accomplish what’s important.

Having a music lab will make the goals you want to achieve highly achievable. The tasks you assign to the students will focus on drilling the very things you find most important. With this laser-focused approach students are sure to exit your classroom at the end of the year with tangible knowledge.


3) Music Lab Encourages for Creativity

If you’re able to include a music composition program students will enjoy the opportunity to be creative. Morton Subotnic’s provides educational software that lets kids make music and learn about concepts like tempo and pitch.



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