The Rhythm Race: Rhythmic Value Game (BUNDLE)

The Rhythm Race: Rhythmic Value Game (BUNDLE) from Shelley Tomich of is a great game for music lessons, music classroom centers, or as a resource for your sub plans. Students identify rhythmic values (whole note, half note, quarter note, quarter rests, etc.) in a race to the finish line.

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The Rhythm Race: Note Name Game (BUNDLE)


This product bundle includes eight levels of drill that may be purchased as separate resources or as a bundle for great savings. The following levels include:

• Level 1 – Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Beamed Eighth Notes
• Level 2 – PLUS Half Note
• Level 3 – PLUS Whole Note
• Level 4 – PLUS Beamed Sixteenth Notes
• Level 5 – PLUS Dotted Half Note
• Level 6 – PLUS Whole Rest Half Rest
• Level 7 – PLUS Dotted Quarter Note, Single Eighth Note
• Level 8 – PLUS Single Eighth Rest

Game Play

Students draw cards and then move their game pieces to the appropriate space on the printable game board. (Game pieces can be pennies or games pieces from other board games from around the house.)

Bundle Contents
• Game Board in B/W
• Game Board in Full Color
• Playing Cards
• Directions for Teacher
• Directions for Students (One sheet should be printed and provided to each group of students.)



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