Free Clown Music Practice Record/Goal Chart

Want to give your elementary music lesson students a fun challenge? Provide them with a copy of this free clown music practice chart and challenge them to practice for 14 days (two weeks) without missing a day.

Get Free Clown Music Practice Record/Goal Chart


Each day your student practices they record their practice by coloring a balloon. When the final balloon is colored they return the practice record to their teacher to share what they achieved. The teacher may choose a variety of goals from just doing something every day, to a 20 minute, 30 minute, or 1 hour per day goal.

For some students recognition of their achievement will be enough. You could even reward them with a music award certificate signed by their music teacher. Other students may like a prize for meeting their goal. Decide on a reasonable prize that parents can provide before beginning the practice challenge. It might be an ice cream cone or a game from their iPad.

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