Kodaly for Older Beginners | Music Lesson Ideas

This best selling lesson from Lindsey Jervis of Kodaly Inspired Classroom – Kodaly for Older Beginners – is great lesson pack for music classroom teachers that have just moved to a new school where the Kodaly method hasn’t been a focus or when teachers are new to Kodaly. While it’s not a comprehehsive course, it will at least point you in the right direction with ideas, games and activities.

Get Kodaly for Older Beginners | Music Lesson Ideas


1) Ideas to get you started
2) Tips for developing the singing voice in grade school students
3) Developing steady beat
4) Rhythm
5) Melody

Six songs are included to get you started building your library. These songs will be a great start for teaching basic skills. Also included are ideas on how to appraoch teaching each song, and twenty-six slides for presenting the song, “That’s a Mighty Pretty Motion.”



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