Carnegie Hall Park | Music Theory Game for Kids

Carnegie Hall Park™ Music Theory Board Game is an awesome beginning music student review game that helps them to drill note names, rests, tempo terms and time signatures. The printable game includes everything except Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars and one die (dice).

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Game Play
Students drive around the Carnegie Hall parking lot with their own Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars and park in spaces depending on what cards was drawn. The first player to collect 15 cards is the winner of the game. Students are awarded parking tickets each time they answer incorrectly. Collect 3 parking tickets and the game is over for that player.

Game Contents
Printable Game Board (Two pages that must be tapes together)
Instruction Sheet
24 Playing Cards (Should be printed in color)
3 Parking Tickets
9 Score Cards (Or you can use blank paper)
9 Blank Cards (Add more terms and symbols to meet the needs of your students)

Tape game board together
Get die from another board game around the house
Cut playing cards

Before you start to play the game it’s a good idea to review the cards. Taking the time to do this will increase student learning time, and make the game time more enjoyable and successful.


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