Polished Planning | Music Lesson Plan Guide and Templates

Aileen Miracle, from MrsMiraclesMusicroom.com, put together this music lesson planning resource complete with lesson plans, songs, planning strategies, transition ideas and templates.

Get Polished Planning: Creating Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Music Plans


Product Description

  • Includes overview on how to plan your school year
  • Sample Kindergarten lesson plan in PDF and Word format
  • 1st Grade song list with 50 folk songs
  • Song list template for any grade level (including process for creating song list)
  • Tika-tika concept lesson plan with visual and aural activities
  • A melody/rhythm lesson concept template
  • Comprehensive 1st grade lesson plans in PDF and Excel formats (includes melody, rhythm, form, reading and writing, listening, improvisation,  movement, assessment, children’s literature and more.
Aileen, a respected music educator, walks you through lesson planning for the music classroom and offers plenty of examples. Her in-depth resource will provide young teachers with valuable tools to focus their lesson planning efforts, and the most experienced music teachers with the advantage of seeing the processes of another experienced teacher.