Lesson Planning in a Kodaly Setting (A Guide for Music Teachers) by Rita Klinger (Paperback)

Looking for a music lesson planning guide? Rita Kilinger’s Lesson Planning in a Kodaly Setting (A Guide for Music Teachers) is a recommended resource for ideas on how to create well-constructed music lessons with immediate and long-range goals.

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Lesson Planning in a Kodaly Setting (A Guide for Music Teachers by Rita Klinger (Paperback), 58 Pages


Rita Klinger’s paperback book is a resource for young and experienced music teachers. The purpose of the book is to provide music teachers with a foundation for developing music lesson planning skills.

Although this book provides several lessons, it isn’t the intent to provide lesson plans but rather to help teachers gain an understanding of how to plan lessons of their own. Armed with only your creativity, Klinger will provide you with a framework on which to build. The framework isn’t about limiting your creativity, but rather a step-by-step approach toward constructing an better lesson with thoughts toward long-term goals, sequence and skill development. Klinger’s hope is that these foundational ideas will help the Kodály specialist and the general music educator to plan more effectively, and with greater foresight.

Table of Contents
I.   The Kodaly Approach to Music Education
II.  Long-Term Planning
III. On the Road to Daily Planning: Applying the Strategies
IV.  Designing a Focus
V.   Building a Lesson Sement
VI.  Keeping Track: Plans and Charts
VII. Putting it All Together
Appendix 1: Sample Plans
Appendix 2: Practice Objectives
Appendix 3: Rhythm Syllables
Appendix 4: Bibliography
Appendix 5: Discography

About the Author
Rita Klinger was born in 1953 in Hempstead, New York. She received her Bachelor of Music degree from the Hartt School of Music, followed by her Masters in Music in Education degree from Holy Names College. In 2012 the Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE) presented Klinger with the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.


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