Entry Kentry | Music Lesson Plan (Passing Game)

Interested in a fast-paced game that supports your efforts to teach steady beat and introduce great literature to your music students? Entry Kentry is a wonderful and wacky Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme that has been set to music. The music lesson plan is designed to reinforce steady beat first with the bean bag/cup passing game. When the students “get out”, they move to a drum or rhythm sticks to contribute to the music played during the passing game.

Music Lesson Game | Steady Beat

Stuff Needed
Entry Kentry | Free Lesson Plan
Entry Kentry Lead Sheet
Large Plastic Cup or Bean Bag
Tubanos, Hand Drums and/or Rhythm Sticks

Grade Level

Game Instructions
The basic idea of the Entry Kentry passing game where students are eliminated round by round until one student – the final player – becomes the winner of the game. Each time the music begins the cup is set in motion. Students pass the cup around the circle until the song ends. Whoever has the cup at the end of the song is “out”. That player moves from being a game participant to being a music maker. They will pick up a drum or rhythm sticks and continue to develop their steady beat skills until the end of the game.

This lesson is always a hit, and there’s always time to play two or three rounds before the class period is over.