The Nutcracker | 13 Music Activity Worksheets (PDF)

Jennifer Foxx of Music Educator Resources, put together this wonderful collection of The Nutcracker activity worksheets for Pre-K – 6th grade students. The 13 music activity worksheets in this printable packet that will provide an excellent addition to your collection of The Nutcracker lessons and resources.

Get The Nutcracker | 13 Music Activity Worksheets (PDF) by Jennifer Foxx


Color the Musical Symbols – Color the Christmas balls on the Christmas tree. Each Christmas ball is decorated with a different musical symbol. Students refer to the chart at the top of the page to know which crayon they’ll need.

Nutcracker Time Signatures – Teacher plays five pieces from The Nutcracker. Students access what they hear, and write the correct time signature in the mouth of one of five nutcracker images printed on the worksheet.

1) Coloring page
2) Color the Mouse King | Rhythms
3) Nutcracker Time Signatures
4) Christmas Tree | Present Interval Matching
5) Sugar Plum Fairy Keyboard Matching Activity
6) Snowflake Step & Skips
7) Nutcracker Musical Math Activity
8) Christmas Tree Symbols
9) Word Search Worksheet
10) Interactive Journal | Tchaikovsky
11) Music Composition

and more.


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