Making Musical Instruments with Kids: 67 Easy Projects

Making Musical Instruments with Kids is a well received edition with over 1.4K repins on Pinterest. This hands-on guide shows you how to make a variety of musical instruments with children. Many of the instrument plans are easy enough to make with children under five years of age. This resource can be used in the music classroom or the home. The plans are richly illustrated text, and are accompanied by audio samples of each instrument playing either a solo piece or an ensemble piece.

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Tools Required
Lift-Off Can Opener – This type of can-opener lifts off the lid rather than cut it. No sharp edges will be created.
Hack Saw or Carpenter’s Saw – The hack saw is for cutting metal, and the carpenter’s saw for wood.
Work Table – In most cases the kitchen table should do fine. Just cover it with a few layers of newspaper.
Clamps and Vices – A table clamping vice is a useful toll, though in most cases a C-clamp will work just fine.
Tubing Cutter – Some instruments in this book require plastic or metal tubing. A tubing cutter will allow you to cut the tubing without dust. However, a hacksaw will also work well to cut both materials.
Adhesives – Project will include the use of Elmer’s Glue, Mod Podge and Glue Gun

Bart’s book is rich with examples, and includes helpful tips on how to play the instruments well once you’ve completed you project. This book is available in paperback, or as a free download for Kindle.