Singing with a Sub | Substitute Plans for Music Classroom

This highly-rated packet includes substitute lesson plans for the elementary music classroom. They are ready-to-use lesson plans that can even be used by subs with  no musical experience. This packet includes sub plans for approximately two weeks – depending on the number of times you see your students each week.

Print Music Lesson Plans for Subs Resource

Singing with a Sub | Substitute Plans for Music Classroom by Aileen Miracle


13 Lesson Plans 3/Kindergarten, 4/First Grade, 4/Second Grade, 5/Third Grade, 4/Fourth Grade, and 5/Fifth Grade with each lesson plan stating objectives, materials needed and national music standards that will be met.

Format: Lesson plans are delivered in PDF format and Word.

Lesson Titles: “Apple Tree Stations,” “Carnival of the Animals,” “Be a Composer,” “Carnival of the Animals,” “Nutcracker comparison,” “Speak, Sing, and Dance,” and more.